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Is Baba Falooda Franchise OPEN for You? – Cost & Profit

Are you an avid consumer of Falooda Ice cream? Are you from Mumbai and looking for partnering with a renowned dessert franchise? Have you been searching for franchising opportunity with Baba Falooda? If “yes”, then you should consider reading this complete information on Baba Falooda.

In this blog, we’ll be covering an in-depth article on Baba Falooda Franchise, along with its cost, fee, and profit – and answer some of the frequently asked questions about the same. We assure you that after reading article, you’ll be in a position to find and start the best available Ice cream franchise for your city.

Baba Falooda Franchise Opportunity
  • Company: Baba Falooda
  • Founded: 2022
  • HQ: Maharashtra, India
  • Industry: Food & Beverage
  • No. of outlet: 2+
  • Model: Self-owned
  • Area served: Only in Maharashtra
  • Franchise Fee: ~ ₹1 lacs
  • Area Required: Min. 250 sq ft
  • Total Initial Investment: ~₹5 lacs

Overview of Baba Falooda Franchise

Overview of Baba Falooda Franchise

Falooda, originally derived from the Persian word “Faloodah,” which is mainly prepared by combining rose-flavored milk, vermicelli noodles, and sweetened syrup. The traditional Persian dessert is also often served with a few additional ingredients such as ice cream, fruits, nuts, and basil seeds (sabja), which adds more flavors and textures.

Falooda, which was originally consumed as a cool summer beverage, has grown tremendously in popularity through time and is now one of India’s most cherished desserts. Currently, Falooda and its topping with multiple ingredients is not only popular in India but also in neighboring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh.

This tremendous and staggering growth has allowed several new food-aspirants and taste-buds to try their luck in this industry. Eventually, we see a brand severing similar desserts is gaining a wider audience, which we know them as Baba Falooda.

The chain can be found at 1-2, Bellview Mansion, LJ Cross Road, Lady Jamshedji Road, Mahim, Maharashtra. It is open for customers from 1.30PM to 1.30AM, which approximately does a business of a few thousand per day.

With its unique and delicious combination of ingredients, flavors, topping, and varieties in menu has helped the chain to garner a quick attention from its neighbourhood, leading to a steadily growth for the chain.

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Key Facts on Baba Falooda

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameBaba Falooda
2IndustryFood & QSR
4Founders Or Parent CompanyNA
5Corporate HeadquartersMahim, MH, India
6Number of locations2
7Area servedMainly in Mumbai
8ModelFranchise, not yet started
9Menu OfferingVarieties of Falooda served with toppings

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Is Baba Falooda a Franchise?

Unfortunately, No. It is not a franchise but considering its rise in demand, affordable setup cost, and brand presence may intimate the Baba Falooda owner to obtain a franchising model for their store’s expansion throughout in India.

Currently, the chain has only two outlets and obtaining a franchising model could be a reliable process for expansion but not every franchise has to opt for it.

How Much Does A Baba Falooda Franchise Cost?

Baba Falooda Franchise Cost

It may be challenging to estimate the franchise cost precisely until and unless the Baba Faluda team launches its franchising strategy. Nonetheless, To become a franchise holder for a desserts chain like Baba Falooda may not require a significant investment and one can anticipate to invest approximately ₹5 lakhs.

The initial investment includes the expenses, such as Franchise Fee, Equipment & Machinery cost, Interior & Exterior cost, and other one-time expenses.

How much will be Baba Falooda Franchise Fee?

To become an approved Baba Falooda Franchise owner, one may need to deposit a franchise fee of approximately ₹ 1 lakhs. However, it may also depend on several factors, including outlet’s geographical location, available carpet space, and chosen franchise model.

With that franchisee will be also liable to pay a few extra percentage from its profit margin as royalty fee to the franchisor.

The royalty fee for a Baba Faluda franchise will be approximately 4-8%. Moreover, the franchise can negotiate the royalty fee for initial few months. The lower the royalty fee, higher the margin for the outlet holder.

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How much is Baba Falooda Franchise Profit Margin?

Being a privately-owned and operated chain, it could be difficult to predict the profit margin for its respective outlet. However, considering its growth pattern, social media presence, affordable and varieties in food option, and low startup cost may add extra advantage for new franchisee owner to anticipate a better profit margin.

The location and visibility of an outlet plays a key role in outlet’s long term run. The franchise holder is expected to perform an extensive market research and growth for its proposed location, which may turn out to be a sensible steps for them.

Additionally, the desserts and ice cream industry is quite profitable and without a doubt, a new franchise owner with least or No experience can enjoy a better profit margin of at least 15-20% after 3-4 months of its operations.

Why Consider Owning a Baba Falooda Franchise?

Being a fresh face in the dessert industry, we can’t demand a huge thing from it but yes a stable growth with proper support system is certainly required for any franchise.

  1. Varieties of affordable menu options:
    • The franchise serves a wide range of affordable faluda options and an array of shakes, ice cream flavors, and many more. It will certainly allow new franchisee to cater its products to a wider audience.
  2. Low Startup cost:
    • Starting a franchise like Baba Falooda may not hit your pocket, which may eventually cost under ₹ 5 lakhs. One can also negotiate the royalty fee for initial few months.
  3. Increasing demand and popularity:
    • Irrefutably, Falooda and its other varieties has become quite popular the younger generation. It is not only considered as a dessert but also as a trendy and Instagrammable treat.
  4. Growing dessert culture:
    • India’s has a rich heritage in dessert segment, and over the year, it has grown significantly, with people seeking indulgent and experiential desserts.

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Risk associated with Baba Falooda Franchise

Every business comes with a certain amount of risk, where some risk can be mitigated while other could be difficult. So, we have highlighted a few prominent risk associated with owning a Baba Falooda outlet;

  1. Less experience and Industry exposure:
    • While it is also advisable for a franchisor to expand their outlet via franchising. But considering its least experience and limited coverage area/presence may lead to low revenue for franchise stores available outside its hometown zone.
  2. Bulk Purchasing Power:
    • The chain is still at its growing stage and with only two outlet, the franchise may not have essential capacity to procure the raw material at an affordable pricing.

What does it require to become a Baba Falooda Franchise Holder?

  1. The franchisee should have initial funding of at least ₹5 lacs to setup a store in their city and a few extra cash ready to purchase the raw materials.
  2. The Candidate should have a store size of at least 200 sq feet with proper decor option and outlet’s visibility.
  3. Interested applicants are advised to dedicate themselves to the Baba Falooda business and follow the company standards and maintain their legacy.
  4. Interested franchisees should have passion to work in the Food & Beverages industry and should possess the leadership and financial skills to operate a Baba Falooda Parlour.

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How to Get Baba Falooda Franchise?

First of all, The franchisor or “Baba Falooda” team has to initiate the franchising program for respective individual or Entrepreneur, which will eventually open the door to become their approved franchise.

As per current information, Baba Falooda is not a franchise and it has only one outlet and other one is opening in thane in upcoming months. Once the demand grows and the process picks up speed, we can have the initial discussion with the franchise and proceed accordingly.

If you are interested and ready to own a Baba Falooda Outlet, then consider filling the form mentioned below;

Final Takeaway – Conclusion

Without even a single bit of doubt, the Ice cream and desserts industry is growing at exceptionally rapid pace. And with number of queries we are being bombarded, we can surely assure you that Ice cream industry could be a best franchising option to start with. But, Should we really go behind Baba Falooda?

The Answer is – No. We have provided the numerous reason to avoid this at current time. To be precise – Baba Falooda is actually at growing or I would say – at Naive stage. We should give them sometime to establish itself as a brand across in Maharashtra first.

But before investing, we’ll strongly recommend our partners to check their financial report and statement, franchise disclosure documents, training & support system, and royalty fee.

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  1. How much does it cost to Start a Baba Falooda Franchise in India?

    Ans: With limited available information, it could be certainly difficult to quote the exact costing for Baba Falooda business. However, considering its business lineup, affordable menu option, and seed stage, it may cost approximately ₹ 5 lacs.

  2. Is Baba Falooda Franchise Profitable?

    Ans: Considering its only two outlet option, being a privately-owned business, outlet’s geographical location, one may estimate that Baba Falooda would be making somewhere around ₹ 1 lacs to ₹ 2 lacs as their net profit margin.

  3. Does Baba Falooda offers franchise?

    Ans: Unfortunately, No. It is yet to start its franchising program for its interested prospects and entrepreneurs.

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