"Cuddle the Kulhad"

Start a Chai Sutta Bar Franchise

Cost, Fee, & Profit

So, Starting a CSB will be quite simple & rewarding, One need to understand the Business concept with Cost, Fee and Profit associated with it.

Let’s get started!

Started in 2016 By Anubhav Dubey & his mates, CSB has more than 300 outlets in 150 cities across four countries.

The Journey

CSB share a fascinating journey of selling 4000-5000 kulhads tea /day in 2021to 4 lakhs kulhads tea/day

But How did they achieve it?

**Key USP**

CSB operates with a unique concept of  serving Tea in Kulhad in a Bar-like setting with complete prohibition on 'Smoking'.


CSB offers complete range of products starting at just 15/-.

Offering include Tea, Coffee, Burgers, Sandwiches, and much more.

Cost Involved

Franchise Fee: INR 6Lacs + GST Interior & Furniture: INR 4-5Lacs Initial Raw Material: INR 2Lacs

... Continued

Machinery & Equipment: INR 3Lacs Total Investment: INR 17-18Lacs ROI: 16-18 Months Royalty Fee: 2% + GST


1. Minimum Space: 300-500 sq. ft.( Preferably on busy street. 2. Must meet financial & Site requirements. 3. Tea Enthusiasts. 4. Active Participant

Profit Margin

As per franchise report, One can anticipate a profit margin of 30-40%(depending on Site location and City)

& ROI in 16-18 Months

How to Get a CSB Franchise

1. Visit the official Website. 2. Fill in the required details like Name, Address,  Email-ID, Contact Number, Area Interested in.