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Start a Footprints Preschool Day Care Franchise – (Cost + Fee + ROI)

Are you looking for a preschool daycare franchise? Footprints Preschool daycare franchise offers everything you are seeking and would be the perfect solution to your research.

The article will assist you in understanding the Footprints preschool daycare franchise model with its cost requirements, profit margin, and return on Investment to start this franchise in your city.

  • Space Requirement: Min. 2500 Sq. ft, Preferably ground floor
  • Royalty Fee: Nil for first 3months, 25% from 4th months
  • Total Investment: Rs. 25-35 Lacs
  • Return on Investment:Rs. 6-10 Lacs from 2nd year
  • Agreement Period: 9 Yrs(No renewal charges)
  • Admission Guarantee: 60 in 1st year and 120 in 2year

The demand for preschool daycare has increased significantly over the past several years due to the enormous rise in the working parent population, changes in lifestyle, Household structure, and the need for early child care with a quality educational environment.

As per numerous research across the globe, several parents had to sacrifice their jobs due to childcare-related issues. One such franchise in the US is Legacy Academy Franchise – Known for offering a unique environment and a bold mission to nurture children’s future. Please read this article if you are from the US and looking for a Daycare franchise.

According to market research, the Indian childcare market is currently worth 13,000 crores and is projected to grow at a CAGR of 23% through 2022.

Please continue reading if you are planning to Start a Footprints Daycare Franchise, and this little nugget of information thrills you.

Overview of Footprints Preschool Franchise

Footprints Preschool, a renowned preschool, and daycare School Franchise, was established in 2013 by Raj Singhal, Purvesh Sharma, and Ashish(an IIT-IIM alumnus).

Footprints franchise is widely known as the best and most awarded preschool and daycare chain in India run by an IIT-IIM alumnus, with the vision of offering the best platform to learn, play, and grow for your kids.

Footprints franchise has more than 100 centers across twelve cities in India. With its proven US Based pre-school curriculum, well-equipped classrooms and playrooms, and several trained teachers, this franchise has acquired a significant childcare market in India.

The School also offers state-of-art daycare and crèche facilities that offer a wide range of activities to help develop impressionable minds. Footprints Play schools and Day Care has a range of programs that caters to children from the age of 3 months to 4 years, with an adequate adult-to-child ratio.

  • Toddlers
  • Play Group
  • Pre Nursery
  • LKG
  • UKG
  • Pre School
  • Day Care
  • After School Care
  • Activity Center

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Why to Own a Footprints preschool Franchise?

Numerous prospects exist in daycare education, and owning a footprints playschool company will broaden your franchise portfolio. Due to the fragmented nature of the Indian educational system, franchise-like footprints will undoubtedly prosper.

  • The Franchise operates with a proven Business model, enables them in achieving 100% success rate with a long term sustainable ROI.
  • Footprints offers high return of approx 40%(varies city to city) to the franchise unit holder.
  • The franchise Team offers End-to-End support from property approval, Hiring and training, Marketing and promotion, Customer support, and unique dashboard and much more.
  • Footprints offers high safe investment with guaranteed admission of 60 in 12months and 120 in 24months and option to sell back at four times of profit after three years.
  • The franchise takes zero royalty fee for 1st three months, and 25% from the 4th months onwards.

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How much does a Footprints Preschool Franchise Cost?

The total franchise investment fee includes Franchise fee, Infra and Ambience setup, Rental Deposit, Education Department approvals, Lease Registration, Brokerage, Working Capital and First Year loss.

Below are the details provided by the franchise regarding setup cost,

EssentialsAmount and Other details
Space RequirementMinimum 2500 sq.ft. built up area preferably on ground floor
Royalty FeeZero royalty for 1st three month and 25% from the 4th month onwards
Investment25-35 lacs (Amount varies from city to city)
Infrastructure & AmbienceAll Included in Investment
Admission Guarantee60 in first 12months and 120 in 24months
Return On InvestmentApprox 6-10 lacs from 2nd Year
Buy Back GuaranteeOption to sell back after 2years at approx. 20 lacs plus rental deposit
Agreement period & Renewal Charges9 Years( No renewal Charges)

Footprints Preschool Unique Features

Footprints franchise caters unique features to the parents, ensuring best safety and environment for their kids.

Instant Mobile Update

Parents may track What, When, and How Much their child ate, napped, and engaged in with the Footprints smartphone app.


To enable unparalleled trust between school and parents, franchise offers HD Quality Live CCTV streaming of entire center.

Child Safety

Footprints performs background and medical test of the staff, Child safe flooring, Infrastructure and Biometric access controlled center for ensuring high quality child safety.

100% Healthy, 0% Junk Food

To ensure better health, the franchise only offers good fruits, Veggies, Nuts, Dry Fruits, Pulses, Grains. Maida, Chocolates, Toffee, and chips are strictly prohibited.

US Based Pre-school Curriculum

The franchise offers proven HIGHSCOPE curriculum used in more than 20 countries across the globe.

Footprints Franchise Support

Setting up a franchise involves several process including location/Property Approval, Training & Recruitment, Marketing Launch, and much more.

  • Location and Property Approval: The Franchise supports in Selection and approval of property, Infrastructure, and also provides ambience setup kit.
  • Training & Recruitment: Footprints offers extensive training program for its teachers for two weeks.
  • Marketing Launch: Without effective branding and implementation, a good product takes time to reach consumers. Footprints provides a digital marketing strategy for local market advertising.
  • Other Support:
    • Franchise offers a dedicated parents partnership team to build strong parent-school partnership.
    • Footprints offers dedicated customer support portal and team to handle all parents issues.
    • Team provides complete online marketing execution and offline marketing support.
    • In order to help teachers with latest information and guidelines, franchise offers Teacher and Centre certification process.

Footprints Preschool Franchise Process

Below are the process involved in Footprints franchising process,

Footprints preschool franchise process flow
  1. Initial Meeting: Footprints holds the right to partnership with like-minded people and strives towards early child care and education.
  2. Term Sheet Sign-Up: To initial the process of franchising, one has to sign on Term sheet agreement.
  3. Orientation & Alignment: Getting aligned with the Footprints process and standards with the team.
  4. Property LOI Signed: Meeting with Head of Departments and execute franchise agreement.
  5. Commencement Of Project:
    • Staff Hiring & Training: Footprints extends support towards recruitment and Training.
    • Marketing: Footprints offers online/offline marketing support for pre-launch, Launch and Post Launch.
  6. Audit: Quality checks and audit as per footprints norms and standards.
  7. Launch: Centre launch after audit and due diligence.

How to Apply for Footprints Preschool Franchise?

Application process of Footprints play school is quite simple, One has to visit their official website and fill up the required details.

Official Website > Click ‘Franchise’ > Click on ‘Get a Call back’ > Submit the required details like Name, Mobile Number, Email ID, Select City.

Footprints preschool near me

Click here to find the nearest footprints preschool


Friends, I sincerely believe that my guide on “Start a Footprints Preschool Day Care Franchise was helpful and educational, but if you’d need more details, you can check out the franchise’s official website. If you like this piece, kindly let me know by leaving a comment and spreading the word to as many of your friends as you can; Your comments offer us more inspiration to keep producing high-quality material for you. Many thanks.

Please comment down below in case you need latest Franchise Brochure.

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  1. What is the Cost required for Footprints Preschool Franchise?

    Ans: As per the latest data shared by the franchise, below are the cost involved in it,

    Space Requirement: Min. 2500 Sq.ft, Preferably ground floor
    Royalty Fee: Nil for first 3months, 25% from 4th months
    Total Investment: Rs. 25-35 Lacs
    Return on Investment: Rs. 6-10 Lacs from 2nd year
    Agreement Period: 9 Yrs(No renewal charges)
    Admission Guarantee: 60 in 1st year and 120 in 2year

    Please read the complete article for more info.

  2. How Footprints is different from Other preschools?

    Ans: With guaranteed admittance of 60 in 12 months and 120 in 24 months, the Footprints franchise concept is a fairly secure one.
    In order to minimize losses, they also provide a mechanism for sell back at a price close to the investment.

  3. How would you ensure safety and security of kids?

    * All Female Staff
    * CCTV Surveillance
    * Background and Police Verification of Each Staff
    * Visitor App to capture the details of each visitors
    * Biometric access for restricted entry

  4. What are the programs does Footprints offers and their duration with age group?

    Ans: Footprints mainly offers three programs – Pre- School- Daycare and after school programs.

    Preschool comprises of
    * Toddlers – (6Months -1.5 Years)
    * Playgroup – (1.5 Years – 2.5 Years)
    * Nursery – (2.5 Years – 3.5 Years)
    * LKG- (3.5 Years – 4.5 Years)
    * UKG- (4.5 Years – 5.5 Years)

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