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How do you apply for Sudha Dairy Franchise? – Cost and Margin

Sudha Dairy is indeed a popular brand in the Indian dairy industry, but do you know who actually manufactures it? What’s their origin and market presence in the country?

That all will be covered in the article, so if you are planning to get started on a journey in the dairy field, you should definitely consider reading this article on the Sudha Dairy Franchise.

What’s the Origin of Sudha Dairy franchise?

For the first instance, you may believe that there could be some company named Sudha who may be producing some really cool range of dairy products in the Bihar and a few neighboring states.

But surprisingly, Sudha is primarily a brand name that is owned and managed by the Bihar State Dairy Corporation. This unit was established with the help of the National Dairy Development Borad(NDDB) in 1972. FYI, NDDB were behind the emergence of Amul, Mother Dairy, Nandini, and more.

However, in 1981, NDDB took over the operations and started it as Patna Dairy Project (PDP), which later went into the hands of Vaishal Patliputra Dugdh Utpadak Sahkari Sangh Ltd.(VPDUSS) in 1988.

For more details, you check out the About Us section of Patna Dairy.

A few key facts on the Sudha Dairy

Sr No.TypeCooperative
1Trade NameSudha Dairy
4HeadquartersPatna, Bihar, India
5functional Dairy Cooperative Societies (DCS)2490
6Area servedBihar and few more states
7ModelDistributorship/ Booth
8Product offeringMilk, Curd, Sweets, Lassi, butter,
ghee, and more
9Revenue or SalesNA

What’s the current status growth of Sudha Dairy?

With more than 2490 numbers of full functional Dairy Cooperative societies in the areas of VPDUSS that covers major areas of Patna, Vaishali, Saran, Shekhpura, and Nalanda, the chain has been procuring more than 4.5 lakhs litres of milk per day.

These number are definitely poised to grow at a rapid pace and considering the demand of packages and fresh milk, Sudha Dairy is not only selling milk but has introduced varieties of kulfi, lassi, matha, and more.

The chain had been producing some delicious range of Kulfi since 2011.

Source: Official website

Does Sudha Dairy sell distributorship?

Sudha Dairy does have distributorship program and considering its humongous demand, it seems like they are quite occupied in their home state i.e. Bihar.

Usually, the chain opens up the tender for filling up those distributorship locations. In case you are interested in owning a Sudha Dairy distributorship, you may need to visit their official address or contact them through filling up the form available at Contact Us page.

However, if you want to get associated with Sudha Dairy and wanted to make decent income, check out the next section.

How much does the Sudha Dairy franchise cost?

sudha dairy franchise cost

According to the information available on the News18 website, Sudha Dairy offers its booth franchise to an aspiring entrepreneur.

Bihar Government has taken several steps to increase the penetration of its dairy products to every corner in the state. Thus, they have planned to open nearly 600 dairy outlets in the state.

As per the latest information, to open up a Sudha dairy booth outlet, you will need to invest at least Rs 5 lakhs.

These outlets will have two deep freezer, four push cart, sign board, and other electrical equipment.

How much area would you need to open up a Sudha Dairy outlet?

Like every milk booth outlet, an aspiring candidates will need to secure a retail space of at least 100 square feet or more. Additionally, you need to make sure that retail location carries decent customer traffic and is located in a decent market.

How much is the expected profit margin in Sudha Dairy franchise?

As the estimated cost for Sudha Dairy distributorship is unknown, we’ll shed light on its profit margin in booth business model.

Usually, any dairy booth of an established brand draws decent customer traffic at the outlet, some could be just your dairy milk buyer or the usual customers looking to grab some ice creams or other items.

Like other dairy franchises, the margin in the milk could be less but if you managed to sells other products like Lassi, Ghee, sweets, kulfi, and more, you can generate a decent profit margin of at least Rs 20,000 or more a month.

How should i obtain franchise from Sudha Dairy?

The best and the legit process to obtain its franchise could be either by visiting their official address located in Patna or by filling up your personal details on their contact us form.

Other than this if someone is claiming to offer you a franchise opportunity with Sudha Dairy, you need to have double check on their authenticity.

The Editor’s Thought

If you are from Bihar and planning to start your own business in the dairy sector then Sudha Dairy could be the most viable option in the market.

With minimum invest of nearly Rs 5 lakhs, you can jump start your entrepreneurial journey. But make sure you find a perfect location and do some offline marketing to grab the initial customer traction.

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Who owns Sudha Dairy?

The chain is owned and operated by the Patna Dairy Project (PDP), A unit controlled by Government of Bihar.

What are the products available at Sudha Dairy booth?

As a booth owner, you’ll sell milk, curd, ghee, lassi, matha, kulfi, and more.

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