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How Should you Ideally buy a Tata Power EV Charging Station Franchise? – Cost and Growth prospects

Whether you are planning to purchase an Electric vehicle or have deep desire to build something in the EV sector, obtaining an EV Charging Station should be on your list.

In the recent years, we have witnessed numerous two and four wheeler automobile manufacturing companies, including TVS, KIA, and other introducing EV variants.

With growing number of EV’s in India, we’ll undoubtedly need infrastructure to charge our vehicles, and here comes, our favorite and India’s leading EV charging and Power company – Tata Power EV Charging Station franchise.

We personally believe that the opportunity in the EV sector is gigantic and obtaining a franchise from a reputed brand and placing them at high-traffic areas can certainly build a fortune for you.

Keeping these factors and potential in mind, here are some of the major topics that will be covered in this article:

  1. What’s the Basic principle and background on the TATA Power EV stations?
  2. The current growth prospects and a few major highlights on the future advancements.
  3. How much should you be investing in it?
  4. What’s the expected profit margin from the EV charging business?
  5. What’s the available model and the ideal process to contact the Tata Power EV franchise team?

What’s the Tata Power EV Charging Station franchise?

Overview of Tata Power EV Charging Station franchise

Tata Power EV Charging Station model is an entity of India’s leading and prominent electricity producers and distributors, Tata Power. The company is based in Mumbai, India, and is renowned as India’s largest EV charging network.

The entity has been the growth drivers for the EV sector in India. At present, they boasts nearly 5,000 EZ charging points across 442+ cities.

Along with these numbers, they also take pride in serving over 442 e-Bus charging points and more than 61,959 Home Chargers in the country. To expand their business across the country, Tata Power may sells its franchises to the potential and passionate entrepreneurs post FY24.

These candidates can either established its franchises for their fleets, offices & workplaces, malls & hotel, and homes or housing societies.

In financial year 2020, there were only 95 Home charging stations and 14 Public charging stations, which grew to 65,640 and 3,736 respectively in third quarter of fiscal year 2024. That’s the staggering CAGR growth rate of 412.70% and 304.18% respectively for the period 2020-24. Source – Tata Power Investor report

Did you know?

Key facts on the Tata Power EV Charging Station business

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameTata Power
2IndustryPower and Utilities
4FoundersParent Company – Tata Power
5HeadquartersMumbai, India
6Number of locationsNearly 4932+ charging points
7Area servedAcross 442+ cities
8Franchise modelFranchise and Company owned
9Service offeringCharging solutions for EVs
10Revenue or Sales₹56,547.10 crore (2023)
(Of a whole entity)

How did Tata Power EV Charging Station franchise grow?

Indeed, Tata power is the leading power generation company in India and is certainly recognized with the largest number of EV charging station in the country.

But, the expansion didn’t happen over night. The think tank behind the tata power strategically partners with OEMs(Original Equipment Manufacturer) and fleet operators to expand their reach across its customers.

In fact, Tata Power EZ Charge is the only charge point operator in India that operates across four segments, including, Home Charging, Fleet Charging, Public Charging, and Bus Charging.

Major steps taken for business grow are listed below:

  1. Tie-up with leading OEMs to install infrastructures for the customers at their home.
  2. Tie-up with fleet operators, either by deploying charging infrastructure or providing accessibility at the public charging stations.
  3. Also opening for door for aspiring entrepreneurs to open up a EV charging points at the shopping mall, commercial building, and more.

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What are the charging option available at the Tata Power EV Charging station franchise?

There are majorly two types of charging options available at the station:

AC Charging:

Also known as Alternating current(AC) charging, utilizes the power from the government electricity stations. These kinds of charging are best suitable for overnight charging at home or for longer charging session at the public locations.

Additionally, these terminals charges the vehicles at slow pace at lower power levels.

DC Charging:

Direct current(DC) charging points offers relatively faster charging to the EVs. In fact, these stations ideally charges the EVs in around 30 minutes to an hour or so.

Along with high-tech charging facility, they also provide several amenities, such as handy user interfaces, numerous and feasible payment options, and real-time charging monitoring.

How much does a Tata Power EV Charging Station franchise cost?

The average cost for owning an EV charging station from the Tata power will majorly vary depending on the model you choose, the kind of services you wanted to offer, and the area you operate in.

Like mentioned earlier, the Tata Power boasts strong tie-ups with leading OEMs, and if you are planning to establish a charging station at your home, you can directly discuss it with automobile dealer or with the Tata power itself.

Please note that the TATA power hasn’t publicly mentioned that costs for obtaining its franchise, as its largely dependent on the above mentioned factors.

However, according to our estimate, for installing a AC charging stations for the public use can vary between ₹10 lakh to ₹15 lakh. This includes the major investment, including the electricity connection, construction, equipment, installation, technician and more.

But, in case, you are interested in opening a DC charging stations, you should at least have an initial investment capacity of approximately ₹35 lakh to ₹60 lakh.

How much profit does a Tata Power EV Charging Station franchise owner make?

Profit margin for Tata Power EV charging Station franchise

Absolutely, we don’t have any right numbers for this. However, considering the enormous growth potential in the EV sector, specially the push from government in terms of several initiative and incentives, a Tata Power EV charging station owner can expect some truly healthy income.

Usually, these public charging stations levy a hourly charges to its customers. Additionally, they may also introduce subscription model to its loyal customers to generate regular income.

What’s the current and future growth prospects for the Tata Power EV Charging Station franchise?

From growing 95 home charging stations to over 65,640 stations in just 4 years, Tata Power has unquestionably exhibited a fabulous growth rate.

According to the data available in the TATA power investors report, Tata power hold a market leadership position in the public charging station with nearly 55% share and approximately 85% share in the home charging installations.

A few more key takeaways from its current growth prospects:

  1. The overall Tata Power EV business has shown exponential growth for the last two years, thanks to government plans to introduce awareness on EV uses.
  2. They also partnered with several fleet players, ensuring assured utilization and revenue stream.
  3. Their E-Bus charging stations exhibited 100% growth in first 8 months; and more projects are waiting to go live in future.

Future Growth prospects:

The franchise projects to establish more than 10,000 public charge points by 2028 (Yes, they will be selling its franchises, but as of latest information, they doesn’t sell franchises). Including the growth mark for public charging stations of 10,000, Tata Power aims to have more than 2 lakh Home chargers for the same period.

How should you apply for a Tata Power EV Charging Station franchise?

For the interested candidates, the franchising process is quite self-explanatory. You just need to visit the correct and verified official website.

On navigating to the official website, you’ll find the option to select the options, such as Fleet Organization, Offices and Workplaces, Malls, Homes and Society.

Please do note that the initial investment cost may vary depending on the model you choose. Also, you need to understand that for your applied city, Tata power should be offering their services on the first place.

Official WebsiteApply for Tata Power EV charging franchise

Wrapping Up

Overall, this article may have helped you gain enough insights into the company’s objectives and its key offerings.

There isn’t any exaggeration regarding the industry’s growth prospects, and Tata Power, being a leader in the segment, may bring forth some truly great offerings to its franchisees and customers.

If you are delving into EV industry, you should probably consider scheduling a talk with Tata Power franchise team and must perform extensive market research before investing even a single rupee.

Also, you should consider talking with your accountants and existing EV charging station owner to gain every bits and pieces on this business.

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Is Tata Power EV Charging station a franchise?

Unfortunately, They doesn’t offer any franchise right now. However, its latest investor report reveals that post FY24, the company may plan to obtain a asset-light model and will be ready to sell its franchises to potential customers/entrepreneurs.

Note: Currently, they don’t sell franchises. Therefore, anyone claiming to offer their franchises could potential lead to a SCAM. Always go through the verified sources like Official website (, if at all they sell.

What are the requirements to own an EV Charging Station franchise?

Apart from initial investment, the potential entrepreneur should have the required space to install the equipment, hire and train technician, manage overall operation, find the suitable location to serve larger audience.

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