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How can you become a Merwans Franchise? – Overview, Cost, & Profit

If you have ever been to India’s financial capital, Mumbai, or have a deep enthusiasm for the bakery industry, then you might have tested the delicious confectionaries or pastries at the Merwans.

While several business entrepreneurs have been searching for a profitable bakery store franchise to open in their city, one brand remains to hold a prominent position in the industry – Merwans Franchise.

By the title, you may have an idea about the brand, which we’ll be discussing in detail. Before we start, let’s set out an expectation from this article and the things you’ll learn in detail about the Merwans.

  1. Overview of Merwans confectionaries
  2. How much does one need to invest to get a franchise?
  3. What could be the expected profit margins?
  4. What are the benefits of owning a Merwans store?
  5. and more.

Let’s dive in right away.

Merwans Cake franchise opportunity
  • Company: Merwans Bakers
  • Founded: 1930
  • Founder: K. M. Irani and his wife
  • Industry: Bakery
  • No. of Locations: 38+
  • Model: Franchise
  • Area served: India
  • Franchise Fee: ₹10 Lakh
  • Area Required: At least 650 sq ft
  • Est. Initial investment: ₹20 lakh to ₹30 lakh

Overview of Merwans Franchise

Merwans Bakery was founded in 1930 by Mr. K. M. Irani and his wife, Mrs. D. K. Irani, in Mumbai, India. The brand initially started as a simple bakery store that served a delicious range of cookies, cakes, mawa cakes, and pastries.

Later, their son, Merwan Irani, joined the family business and continued the legacy of his parents.

Its also quite fascinating to know that a brand with over 90+ years of legacy in a niche market hasn’t only expanded to multiple locations in the city but also managed to acquire a significant customer base for their delectable range of freshly baked cookies.

With serving nearly thousands of consumers on a daily basis, Mr. Merwan Irani has mastered their family business, and with the help of new technology and innovative recipes, Merwan Bakers has certainly solidified their presence in the industry further.

Currently, the chain has over 38 stores across the state, all located in prime locations. At present, the fourth generation of the Irani’s family is running their outlets, where some of them are company-owned and others remain under the franchise agreement.

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Key facts about the Merwans Bakers

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameMerwans Bakers
4Founders Or Parent CompanyMr. K. M. Irani and his wife, Mrs. D. K. Irani
5Corporate HeadquartersMumbai, India
6Number of locations38+
7Area servedPrimarily in Maharashtra
9Menu Offeringcakes, mawa cakes, pastries, cookies,
and more.

Why should one consider buying a Merwans franchise?

  1. Over 90+ years of legacy:
    • Unlike other bakery franchises, Merwans possesses over 90 years of legacy in the industry, and it is certainly difficult to find a brand with such an enormous experience.
  2. Not only dependent on offline sales:
    • Currently, the chain garners demand from their offline and online (website) sites. Thus enabling any franchisee to cater to the demand for a wider audience and category.
  3. Enormous potential in the industry:
    • Though the US market has developed to a certain extent, the Indian market is yet to meet the growing demand, and partnering with a brand like Merwans will definitely open the door to success in the industry.
  4. Delicious range and frequent innovation in the recipes:
    • Merwans, with nearly 93 years of expertise, have learned the customer’s demands, and to meet their requirements, they have been frequently introducing new flavors and cookie ranges.

How much does a Merwans franchise cost?


To open their flagship store, the candidates or their partners are expected to secure or have a location in mind of at least 650–750 square feet in a prime location in the city.

Depending on the available area and city, the average initial investment for a Merwans franchise could range between ₹20 lakhs and ₹30 lakhs.

The initial capital covers the franchise fee of ₹10 lakhs and other expenses to procure equipment, furnishing items, and other decor ranges.

The estimated figures are provided for a store size of 650 square feet. Please keep in mind that the larger the carpet area, the greater the investment required. To know more in detail about the investment, you can always check out with the brand’s sales representative.

Type of feeCost and other details
Franchise Fee₹10 Lakhs
Required Space650-750 Sq. ft.
Interior decor₹5-8 Lakhs
(Signage Board, Utensils, CCTV
and more)
₹3-4 Lakhs
Opening Expenses
(Event, Offline Marketing)
(Opening Stock )
₹2-4 Lakhs
ROI13-18 Months
Total Investment₹20 lakh to ₹30 lakh

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What’s the estimated Merwans franchise profit margin?

Before delving into the details about its profit margin, let’s make it pretty clear that the chain hasn’t disclosed the financial statement for any of its franchised outlets. The estimated figures are mentioned based on the industry’s standards and the brand’s potential.

Since the inauguration of their first bakery store, the chain has remained a family-owned business that has continued to serve a lip-smacking range of premium cookies at affordable prices.

They launched their first franchise store in 2015 in Andheri, Mumbai, and have managed to expand their presence to more than 38 stores across the home states.

Merwans also devotes significant investment and time to building an exceptional store that can provide a unique and unparallel experience to every customer.

Taking the above factors into consideration, along with the enormous uptrend in the demand for freshly baked products, the Merwans franchise may prove to be a deal-breaker for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to venture into the bakery industry, where they can expect a net profit margin of 15–22%.

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What are the requirements to become a Merwans franchise?

  1. One can either become their franchise as a proprietorship or as a partnership agreement. In both cases, you need to have an initial capital requirement of at least ₹20 lakhs or more.
  2. The required space for the Merwans bakers should be at least 650 square feet. However, it is advised to secure a location in a high-traffic area to get early approval and become a healthy cash-generating partner in no time.
  3. Currently, the chain operates only in Maharashtra; if you are looking to open their stores in other states, do check out the possible opportunity with the franchise’s officials.

Two Best alternatives to Merwans Bakers Franchise

You may probably wonder what brands would even come close to Merwan’s expertise.

Though it is true that Merwans bakers have significant on-ground experience in the bakery industry, but while purchasing a franchise, one shouldn’t solely rely on performing research on a single brand.

Let’s check out two alternatives to it:

Mio Amore Franchise

Established in 1992, Mio Amore is another popular bakery-based franchise. The chain has over 300 outlets across the country and enjoys a great customer base for its diverse range of confectioneries.

Mio Amore is based out of Kolkata, and to become one of their approved franchises, you’ll need to have an investment of at least ₹25 lakhs. If you are looking for a bakery shop franchise, please check out this option.

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Amul Franchise

We know that Amul doesn’t sell cakes, but considering the investment and brand image, Amul can’t be overlooked.

With a presence of over 6,000 locations, an enormous customer base, a popular brand image, and affordable and daily-use items, the Amul franchise only requires an input capital of ₹2 lakh to ₹6 lakh.

For the mentioned investment, you can expect a healthy monthly earning of over ₹50,000.

Learn more: Delve into the details about AMUL – Cost, Profit, Earning

How to Get Merwans franchise?

The application process for Merwans is quite simple; one can either opt for an offline or online model. However, for formal communication, we advise you to follow the online step.

Merwans Franchise Form Download

  1. Visit the Merwans official website: and navigate to the franchise tab.
    • You can find the franchise form, where you need to fill in your personal details along with partner details (if any).
      • Make sure you fill in correct and accurate details; if any discrepancy is found, it can lead to rejection of your application.

Wrap Up: The Editor’s Thought

Merwans Bakers may seem like a chain of only 27 outlets, but their expertise spanning over 90 years in the bakery industry is simply unavoidable.

For new aspirants looking only at store count and investment requirements, they should keep in mind how a brand with only 3 outlets manages to generate over ₹1 crore in business every month.

For any niche brands, there hasn’t been only focus on selling their franchises. Additionally, brands like Merwans are certainly here to stay in the market, and with advanced tech implementation and new flavor innovations, the brand will keep on serving the broader market in the near future.

It is also important to perform diligent brand and market analysis before investing in any startup or established brand.

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  1. How much does it cost to own a Merwans Bakers franchise?

    The initial franchise investment for Merwans bakers could range between 650 and 750 square feet.

  2. What are the expansion plans for Merwans Bakers?

    Currently, Merwans Bakes boasts a strong presence in Maharashtra, predominantly in Mumbai, but in the near future, they plan to open more outlets in Pune and Bengaluru.

  3. Is it worth buying Merwans Bakers franchise?

    The bakery industry is a booming sector, and partnering with a brand that has been in business for over nine decades may certainly prove your investment worth if you plan to open and manage the outlet perfectly.

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