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Samosa Singh Unleashes Irresistible Samosa Magic in Thane, Maharashtra! Taste the Crunchy Delight Today!

In a mouthwatering move, the beloved quick-service restaurant chain, Samosa Singh, has unveiled its newest culinary haven in Thane, Maharashtra, as revealed in a tantalizing press release issued on Monday. Nestled along the picturesque Sita Vihar CHS Ltd road in Naupada, Thane (West), this delectable addition promises to be a treat for the senses.

“Mumbai has always held a special place in Samosa Singh’s heart, and we have been showered with love from this enchanting city. Thus, the inauguration of our flagship store in Thane is a momentous occasion for us,” gushed Shikhar Veer Singh, the visionary founder of Samosa Singh.

Nidhi Singh, co-founder of Samosa Singh, chimed in, “Nothing can rival the sheer delight of biting into a crispy, warm, and flavor-packed samosa – India’s beloved snack. With our expansion into Mumbai, we aim to deepen the profound connection our nation shares with this culinary treasure.”

This delectable journey began in 2016 when Bengaluru-based snack aficionados Nidhi Singh and Shikhar Veer Singh came together to establish Samosa Singh. Notably, Samosa Singh prides itself as the first Indian snacking company with an illustrious scientific core team and an impressive 100,000 hours of research backing its culinary innovations.

Over the last three months, the brand has tantalized taste buds with the opening of approximately six physical outlets, rapidly expanding its footprint to over 50 locations across South and West India.

Setting its sights on a grand culinary conquest, Samosa Singh has ambitious plans to continue its nationwide expansion, with aspirations to conquer every corner of India within the next 20 months. Bon appétit! – As reported by Indiaretailing

Additionally, the chain has recently announced its franchise program. If you are interested in owning one, then consider reading our informative piece.

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