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What’s Buzz around Bharat Brand Franchise? – A Complete breakdown

Have you also heard of government starting their retail store franchise under the brand name “Bharat Brand”? Do you also have any plans to open a small scale retail outlet that can compete with some of renowned and decade-old retailers in your area?

Then, you should be probably interested in learning more about the government backed retail chain – Bharat Brand franchise. It has recently came in highlight after the impressive response from their two experimental outlet launched in December last year.

In this informative piece, you’ll know all the necessary information on the Bharat Brand, along with government strategies for expanding it to other region, ultimate offering, key advantages, and the legitimate process to get this chain to your city.

According to the official, the Bharat Dal that just started four months back has acquired 1/4 of total market share in India. Since October, Bharat chana dal is sold over 2.28 lakh tonne.

Economics Times report

What’s is the Bharat Brand Franchise?

Bharat Brand franchise cost

Bharat brand of products is a Government of India initiative that is aimed to provide the general grocery items like dal, rice, sugars, atta, and vegetables at a discounted rate from their retail stores.

These items are majorly procured from the government at the low prices, after which they sell those items to common consumers at an affordable rates. Additionally, these items under the brand name Bharat will be soon available to your neighborhood.

It is believed from the trusted sources that the government is willing to obtain the franchising route for their store’s expansion.

Why Government is planning for Bharat Brand franchise?

The major reason for bringing out this leading initiative is to control the commodity inflation. The government officials have been stating and implementing several laws to control the rapidly growing inflation, and new Bharat Brand retail concept seems seriously exciting and playing a prominent role in controlling the prices of basic edible items like Dal, atta, rice and more.

According to the Economics Time report, the government-procured chana dal, marketed under the “Bharat Brand” experienced impressive success, and within four months of its launch, it has acquired 1/4 of total market share.

The reason for such a gigantic and quick turnaround is quality and the pricing, where most of the brand selling their dals at ₹80 kg, Bharat dal is selling at just ₹60.

How is the government handling the stocks?

The Bharat Brand of Products that currently sales atta, dal, and rice are backed by the government bodies like Nafed, NCCF, Kendriya Bhandar, and five state cooperatives.

These agencies buy chana dal and other raw materials from the government and several mills at a subsidized price, which are then polished, and packed under the Bharat Brand, making them available for retailing.

When did the Bharat Brand experimental store started?

According to the official sources, they opened two outlets in the capital, and the response from those stores were amazing. These outlets were located at Rajeev chowk metro station.

Of course, the outlets were launched with the help of National Cooperative Consumers Federation of India(NCCF). At present, these stores does the retail sales of daily commodity items like dal, masala, atta, rice, onion, and more at an affordable prices.

What’s the expansion strategy for Bharat Brand Franchise?

After experiencing a blockbuster response from their two experimental stores in Delhi, the government is planning to take the franchise route for expanding their stores.

As per the latest information, they have plan to open at least 50 stores in Delhi and the agencies are actively looking for aspiring candidates to join hands with them for franchise operation.

The reports also suggests that if the upcoming 50 stores performs well in the market and achieves the expectation, then they may plan to expand their outlets to other cities like Mumbai, Chennai, Bengaluru, and more in upcoming years.

How much will the Bharat Brand franchise cost?

The legitimate body hasn’t disclosed the initial capital requirement to setup a Bharat Brand outlet. However, considering the business setup, to open a Bharat Brand retail store, one may need to invest at least ₹5 lakh to ₹10 lakh.

Beside the initial investment, you may also need to pay a refundable security deposit to the legitimate authority/government body. You may also be required to have some extra capital ready for store arrangement (for rent), furniture, store decor, employees expenses, and more.

How can you get the Bharat Brand Franchise?

The scheme is in its initial stage and the agencies have recently completed the trail. Also, the brand is seeking for expanding their presence in Delhi.

So, if you are willing to take up this franchise, then you should probably visit the official NCCF website/ or their nearest office.

You can contact the officials and express your interest in obtaining their franchises.

Please note that there isn’t any official website for Bharat Brand (as of December 2023). Also, make sure you don’t pay any deposit to anybody claiming to offer you Bharat Brand outlet franchise.

Wrapping Up

The grocery industry in India has certainly immense potential and brand like DMart and Reliance Retail are usually aren’t available for franchises. Thus, in this case, if you are someone who is interested in owning a retail store, then you should definitely check out the opportunity with the Bharat Brand Retail store.

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When did government launched Bharat Brand experiment stores?

The Government launched two Bharat retail experimental stores in Delhi, near Rajeev Chowk Metro Station.

What the current market share of Bharat Brand Dal?

Within launch of their product range in just four months, Bharat Brand gave impressive response and acquired 25% of market share. It also competed with Reliance and other established brand.

Will Bharat Franchise be available throughout the country?

It will be quite early to answer that. The project is in the trial phase, and the government is planning to open 50 stores in Delhi. If they receive a positive response, they may consider expanding to various regions.

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