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What does it take to buy a Meridian Ice cream Franchise? – Alternatives, Cost & Profit

Have you recently been to Pune and been delighted to taste Pune’s famous ice cream at Meridian? Do you also aspire to become their franchisee? If not, would you be interested in learning more about the Meridian Ice Cream franchise, in case you have any future plans? if yes, then you are certainly on a right path.

Personally, I love ice cream and share a strong bond with it, and it’s also true that over the years, ice cream has become more of a dessert in the food industry, where Indians crave it throughout the year, irrespective of any season.

This article will be more of an informative piece where we will be actually discussing more about the company’s background and its key USP.

Additionally, we will also provide an estimated cost and margin (the numbers provided will be merely an estimate, not an authenticated one). For accurate detail, we have mentioned the steps to get in touch with the brand in the later part of the article.

Meridian Ice cream hoardings
  • Company: Meridian Ice Cream
  • Founded: 1999
  • HQ: Pune, MH, India
  • Industry: Ice creams
  • No. of outlet: 22+
  • Model: Franchise and Self-owned
  • Area served: India
  • Franchise Fee: NA
  • Estimated Profit Margin: ~ 18-25%
  • Area Required: Min. 150 sq ft
  • Total Initial Investment: ₹8 -15 lakh

Background on Meridian Ice Cream franchise

Meridian Ice Cream is based out of Pune, a popular city in Maharashtra, India. They started their operation in 1999, a period when the Indian economy was growing gradually. According to the Company Vakil, Ashok V. Chavan is the owner of the brand and has undeniably taken the business to a different level.

Currently, at Meridian Ice Cream Outlet, you can enjoy over 25 delectable flavors of ice cream, where some of their bars start at ₹25, cones at ₹40, and other premium flavors are available to crave at ₹70.

Being renowned for serving mouthwatering flavors of ice creams specially prepared with milk and other dairy products has given them their chance to acquire space among the ice cream cravers in Maharashtra. and they have successfully expanded from a single-store outlet in 1999 to over 22 stores in the city.

The brand is quite popular in Pune, and the Meridian franchise takes pride in serving customers of all ages and all categories. In addition to the flavors, they have taken several qualitative measures to ensure the overall well-being of their customers by offering sugar-free, natural, and fresh ice creams.

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Key facts about Meridian Ice Cream

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameMeridian Ice Cream
2IndustryIce cream
4Founders Or Parent CompanyAshok V. Chavan
Nilesh Chavan – Brand Manager
5Corporate HeadquartersPune, India
6Number of locationsOver 22+
7Area servedMaharashtra
9Menu offeringA wide range of Ice creams

What makes the Meridian Ice Cream franchise different from its competitors?

  1. Family-owned heritage:
    • Ashok Chavan and his team have certainly led this brand to a leading brand name among its consumers.
  2. Chemical and artificial flavor-free range:
    • As a franchisee, you can eventually let everyone in your area know about their ice cream range that is free from all artificial chemicals (which is hard to find these days in any ice cream brand).
  3. Quality and competitive pricing:
    • The pricing of their product has also been kept pocket-friendly, and you’ll find their outlets at every major place in the city. Easy accessibility and menu affordability are keys to success in the industry. Obviously, you’ll need to provide great taste.

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How much does it cost to buy a Meridian Ice Cream franchise?

Meridian Ice cream franchise cost

Meridian Ice Cream isn’t a publicly listed company; therefore, they aren’t committed to providing its business model, investment costs, and balance sheet.

However, the window for its franchise program is open, and interested partners can eventually get in touch with the team to gain the necessary insight into the company’s and franchise’s cost structures.

Based on the industry’s standards and the available Meridian outlets, it seems like a pocket-friendly franchise option where one can take up their model with a retail space of 150–250 square feet.

The Meridian Ice Cream franchise cost for a brick-and-mortar retail store of 150 square feet will range between ₹8 lakh and ₹15 lakh. The higher figure is for areas where we have higher rental, employee costs, and other expenses.

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How much is the Meridian Ice Cream franchise profit margin?

The net margin of Meridian outlets will depend on numerous factors, and beside all this, the chain primarily operates in Pune. The brand has created a loyal fan base among the Pune community.

With nearly 22 outlets in the city, it certainly seems like a brand with a lower store count, but the chain has recently embraced the franchise model, which will further strengthen its presence and allow it to serve a wider audience.

Additionally, the chain doesn’t aim to over-expand its presence in the city. Instead, it focuses on sustainable growth. The increasing demand from potential franchise candidates serves as a prime example of its stability in the market.

To conclude, the ice cream industry is an all-time favorite for every entrepreneur, as it requires less manpower and capital. Having said that, if you plan to open a Meridian ice cream franchise, you can eventually expect a net profit margin of 18–25% (for accurate information, consider filling out the application form).

What are the best two alternatives to the Meridian Ice Cream franchise?

There are multiple ice cream franchises available in India, and it is quite easy to select one of them for you based on your interests. Here are two alternatives from our end:

Naturals franchise

Naturals was launched in India in 1984, and with their inaugural store in Mumbai, Naturals Ice Cream, led by R. S. Kamath, has grown into a popular brand with over 150 outlets across the country.

Having more experience than Meridian Ice Cream is clearly visible in Natural’s chain growth. The franchise inquiries for the Naturals franchise have shown exponential growth, and the brand has clearly stated its expansion plan for it.

If you are super interested in its franchise, consider reading our detailed coverage of Naturals.

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Polar Bear Ice Cream franchise

As compared to Meridian Ice Cream and Naturals, Polar Bear may seem like a new brand in the market, but their presence and growth strategy in Bengaluru and other cities can’t be overlooked.

To just give you an idea, Polar Bear inaugurated its first outlet in 2008 in Bengaluru, and at present, they have grown into over 120 outlets across the country.

Polar Bear is quite popular for sundae recipes and has over 70 exotic ice cream flavors. While Polar Bear isn’t looking for any more franchise applications for the Bengaluru area, you can always opt for a Polar Bear outlet outside the Bengaluru zone.

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How do you get a Meridian Ice Cream franchise?

Meridian Ice Cream outlets are primarily located in Pune and its surroundings. It’s unclear whether the Meridian team is seeking applications across India or just primarily for Pune and Maharashtra.

You can connect with them by visiting their official website and filling out the Contact Us form. If you want to connect with them on social media platforms, then you can follow them at their respective handles.

The Editor’s Thought

However, it’s true that the overall ice cream industry has enormous future growth potential where several indian brands like Naturals, Giani, Amul, and many more has registered remarkable growth.

Considering these factors, Meridian Ice Cream may also garnered immense customer base, but it is also true that they have been only expanding in Pune and its surroundings.

The foundation for the Meridian Ice Cream is unquestionably strong and candidates planning to take their franchise outside Maharashtra can leverage brand’s full potential (if they offer so).

You must check with the brand for future growth prospects, support structure, and the estimated expected margin in the business.

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  1. Who is the owner of Meridian Ice cream?

    As the data available at Company Vakil, Ashok V. Chavan is the founder of Meridian Ice Cream. Currently, they have over 22+ outlets.

  2. What the cons for Meridian Ice Cream franchise?

    While not necessarily a disadvantage, a significant concentration of their retail outlets in a specific city, Pune, could potentially impact the supply chain for franchisees operating outside of the home state.

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