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Does Sagar Gaire Franchise? – Alternatives, Cost, & Profit

Every city in India, from rural to urban market, is celebrated for offering an exceptional culinary adventure. From the soft Idli and crunchy Vada in the South to the lip-smacking Vada Pav in Maharashtra, and the tummy-satisfying Litti Chokha in Bihar, each city has its own piece of heaven for food enthusiasts.

But, if you have been closing following the food restaurants growth prospects in India, you’ll find out that there are certain cities that has produces numerous food restaurants and Tea Cafes.

Yes, we are talking about the Indore and Bhopal. Some of the most popular chain, you might know is Chai Sutta Bar. With mouthwatering range of food options, all served up at a competitive pricing are the trademark of the food restaurants in the state.

What’s interesting is that while some food franchises in Bhopal and Indore offer opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs to join their ranks, others remains to operate under the company-owned model.

Sagar Gaire Franchise Opportunity
  • Company: Sagar Gaire Fast Food
  • Founded: 2013
  • Founder: Sh. Dolraj Gaire
  • Industry: Food and Beverages
  • No. of Locations: 10
  • Model: Company-owned
  • Area served: India
  • Franchise Fee: NA
  • Area Required: At least 300 sq ft
  • Est. Initial investment: ₹10 lakh to ₹15 lakhs

Overview of Sagar Gaire Franchise

Overview of Sagar Gaire Franchise

Sagar Gaire is one of the most popular and leading family-owned food and beverages restaurant chain in Bhopal.

Established nearly 10 years back in 2013 by Shri. Dolraj Gaire, Sagar Gaire fast food corner has evolved into a robust chain of over 10 outlets spanned across the city.

It is quite fascinating to learn how an immensely passionate entrepreneur, who forayed into the food market by selling soup (on his bicycle) on the roadside, has gained the reputation of being the best fast-food restaurant in Central India.

According to its official website, Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner Fast Food Corner, which is popularly known as Cycle Soupwala, caters to the diverse range of Indian and western foods, including, varieties of curry, south indian cuisines, pizza, shakes, ice cream, burger, cold coffee, pav bhaji, and much more.

Basically, you can enjoy every kind of cusines ranging from indian to a few most popular international foods under the same roof.

With nearly 10 years of experience and under the leadership of visionary founder, Sagar Gaire is all set to disrupt the food industry and aspiring to become one of the leading restaurant chain in the country.

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Key Facts about Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner Franchise

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameSagar Gaire
2IndustryFood and Cafe
4Founders Or Parent CompanyShri. Dolraj Gaire
5Corporate HeadquartersBhopal, MP, India
6Number of locations10+
7Area servedPrimarily in Bhopal,
planning for nationwide
9Menu OfferingThali, burger, pizza, soups,
shakes, ice cream, and more
10Revenue~ ₹10 Crore to ~₹50 Crore

Why consider owning a Sagar Gaire Franchise?

owning a Sagar Gaire Franchise
  1. Brand Value and Market Potential:
    • While the chain undeniably enjoys a strong presence in Bhopal, the increasing demand for its franchises from other states signifies its brand value and the potential of its market reach.
  2. A decade of experience in outlet’s operation:
    • As a franchisee, you can certainly leverage Sagar Gaire’s proven business model and their expertise in understanding the overall food businesses in the country.
  3. Mouthwatering range of menu under a single roof:
    • While some chains offer a limited range of food items, as an approved Sagar Gaire outlet owner, you won’t just provide a diverse selection of Indian and international cuisines; you’ll also have the opportunity to build a robust and loyal customer base.
  4. Affordable and flexible setup cost:
    • Though the chain is yet to sell its franchises, considering its current business model, we anticipate its total initial investment to range between ₹10 lakh to ₹15 lakh, making it more accessible and affordable franchises.

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How much does a Sagar Gaire Franchise Cost?

Sagar Gaire Franchise Cost

At present, the chain operates approximately 10 outlets in various locations across Bhopal, with the typical store size ranging from 300 to 500 square feet.

The initial investment cost to setup a Sagar Gaire food corner is eventually dependent on multiple factors, including the outlet’s geographical locations, available store size, average rent of the particular area, and the extent of renovation required to furnish the space.

It’s also worth noting that Sagar Gaire is a solely family-owned business that oversees everything, from selecting locations to interior decor, hiring staff, and the day-to-day operations of its stores.

Considering its existing store presence and business model, we estimate that to become one of an approved Sagar Gaire Franchise owner, one should have an initial investment capital of at least ₹10 lakh to ₹15 lakh for a store size of approximately 300 square feet.

How much is the Sagar Gaire Franchise Fee?

The approved franchise owners may be required to deposit a franchise fee of at least ₹2 lakh to ₹5 lakh, excluding the GST.

Furthermore, it is also important to have a liquid cash of at least ₹3 lakh, which can help you to operate the business hassle-freely for initial few months.

Additional Cost for Sagar Gaire

It is certainly quite difficult to find a food franchise with a Zero Royalty Fee. In fact, over 90% of established food businesses demand a royalty fee of 2-7%, with an average of 5%.

Similarly, we expect that once Sagar Gaire starts its franchise program, they may impose a royalty fee of approximately 5% from its approved outlet owner. Additionally, there could be some training fees, which one need to pay as an one-time deposit.

Type of FeeCost and Other details
Franchise fee₹2 lakh₹5 lakh
Royalty fee5%
Agreement periodLifetime
Space RequiredAt least 300 square feet
Equipment cost₹3 lakh – ₹5 lakh
Interior cost₹2 lakh to ₹3 lakhs
Total initial investment₹10 lakh to ₹15 lakh

Note: Please note that the mentioned initial setup cost are just for an educational purposes only. The chain is yet to embrace the franchise concept. We’ll provide the accurate detail, once the details are revealed to us. For more info, you can directly check with the franchise’s officials.

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How much is Sagar Gaire Franchise Profit Margin?

Sagar Gaire Franchise Profit

Absolutely, quoting a certain profit margin for a business that still operates as a family-owned entity is quite difficult.

There are several new food brands in the country that may have 2-3 branches but generate decent revenue, ranging from nearly ₹20 lakhs to ₹40 lakhs a month, with only a very few touching the gigantic revenue of ₹4.5 Crores (Speaking of the Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise, it is obviously exceptional).

Sagar Gaire is certainly one of the leading fast-food restaurant business in Bhopal and aspiring to become a prominent player in the industry. With 10 outlets operational and a few more projects already in the pipeline, The franchise is all set to spread its arms across the country.

However, it’s naive to state whether Sagar Gaire would opt for the franchise model for their store expansion or would still continue to expand as a company-owned model.

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What are the alternatives to the Sagar Gaire Franchise?

Rameshwaram Cafe Franchise

Yes, we know that Rameshwaram Cafe is still a company-owned business, and it is likely to operate as an independent brand in the upcoming years.

Rameshwaram Cafe was established in 2021 by visionary founders, Raghvendra Rao and Divya Raghavendra Rao. They embarked on their exciting journey into the Indian food business with just two outlets, both situated on the busy streets of Bengaluru.

The chain came into the limelight when the Udaan co-founder revealed interesting details about the franchise, which cuts nearly 7500 bills per day and generates an impressive revenue of more than ₹4.5 Crore.

Now, with such impressive sales figures and a diverse range of South Indian foods, who wouldn’t want to seize an opportunity to become one of their approved franchise owners?

However, one may need to wait for a couple of years, but it should certainly be worth your consideration. You can check out our in-depth review.

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California Burrito Franchise

If you have passion to open a food franchise and have deep interest in catering to a diverse range of mouthwatering burritos and other Mexican foods, then opting for California Burrito could be a viable option.

California Burrito was established by Bert Mueller in 2012. The founder came to India in 2010 as a college student and tourist. After performing extensive research and market potential, Bert launched its first outlet in Bengaluru.

With nearly 50 outlets spanned across tier 1 cities, such as Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, NCR, and others, California has laid out its future plan to open another 50 outlets, taking the total store count by 100 in coming years.

To become an approved California Burrito restaurant owner, one need to have an investment of ₹30 lakh to ₹80 lakh ( At least twice or thrice of Sagar Gaire).

You can check out our in-depth article here:

Read more: California Burrito Franchise – Cost, Profit, Review, & Alternatives

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Does Sagar Gaire offer franchises?

Unfortunately, Sagar Gaire doesn’t sell its franchises and all of their 10+ outlets are owned and operated by the company itself.

With nearly 10 outlets and a few more projects in pipeline, Sagar Gaire is undoubtedly stands out as a rapidly growing brand. However, their plan to sell its franchises is still in the early stages (haven’t disclosed yet). The chain may intend to open a few more outlets and then embrace the franchise model.

For more details, you can follow this page or directly connect with the team.

How to Get Sagar Gaire Franchise?

  1. Visit the Sagar Gaire Fast Food Corner’s official website and navigate to either contact us/ Franchise page.
    • Fill in the details, such as name, email id, phone number, city, state, and other required information.

Official Details

AddressShop No 72, Arera Colony, 10 No Stop,
Bhopal, India, Madhya Pradesh
Contact Number094254 03707

Final Takeaway – Conclusion

Sagar Gaire Fast Food Restaurant is undoubtedly a popular food chain in Bhopal, and it has plans to expand to other cities in the upcoming years.

But, should you consider buying it?

Well, that decision is entirely up to you. According to FranchiseGoal India, interested candidates should closely monitor the growth pattern of the Sagar Gaire restaurant chain for over the next few years and consider consulting with 4-5 outlet owners before making a decision.

In conclusion, the growth prospects for Sagar Gaire Franchise look promising; however, they currently do not offer franchise opportunities.

If you are still interested, you can consider visiting their headquarters in person or exploring other available franchise opportunities.

For latest update, you can either follow our website or IG handle.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. How much does it cost to start a Sagar Gaire Franchise?

    The initial investment for Sagar Gaire Fast food corner could cost approximately ₹10 lakh to ₹15 lakh for a floor area of at least 300 square feet.

  2. Is Sagar Gaire Franchise Profitable?

    The chain currently operates 10 outlets across the several locations in Bhopal. Additionally, Sagar Gaire restaurants are solely owned and operated by the company itself and they are strive to expand across the country.

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