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Rowdy Momo Franchise for FREE! No Royalty, No Fees – Cost, Alternatives, and Profit

The wait for one of the most affordable food businesses is over! Rowdy Momo introduces its franchise program, fulfilling the dreams of aspiring entrepreneurs who have been looking to start their own food venture in India with minimal capital investment and high profit margins.

Undoubtedly, the food industry in India is fiercely competitive, and brands with better food quality, exceptional customer service, and visionary teams have solidified their positions as industry leaders.

While traditional restaurant franchises like KFC, Burger King, and even their Indian counterparts, Burger Singh, Wow Momo, and One Bite, require substantial investments, there is a refreshing alternative.

Rowdy Momo brings in franchise opportunities that don’t demand any ‘Franchise Fee or Royalty Fee’ to become their approved partner.

In this comprehensive piece, we’ll delve into the details of the Rowdy Momo Franchise, along with its initial setup cost, profit potential, and a few of its alternatives. Along with this, we’ll also answer some of the frequently asked questions about this franchise.

Before we start, we recommend you read the complete article to get a complete insight into the Rowdy Momo chain, and also make sure you check out the other four brands that ranked on our list of top 5 food franchises under 2 lakh.

Rowdy Momo Franchise Opportunities
  • Company: Rowdy Momo
  • Founded: 2019
  • HQ: Mumbai, India
  • Industry: Food & Beverages
  • No. of outlet: 3
  • Model: Franchise
  • Area served: India
  • Franchise Fee: Zero
  • Profit Margin: ~ 20-40%
  • Area Required: Min. 150 sq ft
  • Total Initial Investment: ₹2.65 Lakh to ₹3.25Lakh

Overview of Rowdy Momo Franchise

Overview of Rowdy Momo Franchise

Rowdy Momo, which started a year ago before the pandemic hit India in 2019, has its roots in Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra. The chain takes pride in offering a delectable range of over 75 foods, including momos, burgers, waffles, pizzas, fries, beverages, and more.

Rowdy Momo embarked on a mission to revolutionize the affordable Chinese food industry in India. It is now steadily establishing its presence in the sector, offering franchise opportunities with minimal capital investment through its “Zero Franchise Fees and Royalty Fee” policy.

Over the years, Momo has garnered an immense customer base for its hygeine and lip-smacking taste. The momo industry is largely unorganized, with the majority being dominated by local players.

According to the Hindu BusinessLine, the momo market is estimated to be approximately $2.7 billion, out of which 97% is still organized.

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The key facts on Rowdy Momo

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameRowdy Momo
2IndustryFast Food Restaurants
4Founders Or Parent CompanyNA
5Corporate HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra
6Number of locations3
7Area servedPAN India
9Menu OfferingMomo, Burger, Sandwiches,
Fries, and more

Why Consider Owning a Rowdy Momo Franchise?

  1. Efficient Training for Outlet Ownership:
    • To become an approved Rowdy Momo outlet owner, one wouldn’t necessarily need any experience to operate this business.
      • The chain provides the necessary training, and entrepreneurs willing to enter the industry can learn it in 4-5 days.
  2. Zero Royalty Fee and Franchise Fee:
    • Unlike other food franchises, Rowdy Momo’s franchisee doesn’t need to pay any royalty and the franchise fee. There is only an one time investment, which primarily used for the procurement of the equipment.
  3. Rapidly growing industry:
    • Undoubtedly, the Momo industry is growing at a rapid pace and partnering with a brand like Rowdy Momo can certainly worth your investment.
  4. Extensive menu range:
    • Currently, the chain boasts a range of over 75 delectable and tasty cuisines. With its hygienic food quality and exemplary outlet ambiance, Rowdy Momo can attract local customers, helping them build a strong brand name in the industry.
  5. Competitive pricing:
    • Compared to other brands, Rowdy Momo has strategically priced their offerings, which will not only help them compete with their peer brands but also attract customers seeking the most hygienic and tasty momos in their locality.

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How much does a Rowdy Momo Franchise Cost?

Rowdy Momo Franchise Cost

The journey for Rowdy Momo began in Navi Mumbai by inaugurating its first outlet in the city, which is one of the least affordable cities after the IT hub – Bengaluru.

At present, Rowdy Momo offers two business models to the aspiring candidates looking to partner with them.

  1. Takeway model
  2. Dine in model

Additionally, to become an approved Rowdy Momo Franchise owner, one may at least require an initial investment of approximately ₹2.65 lakh for Takeaway model and ₹3.25 lakh for Dine In model, including a refundable deposit of ₹50,000.

The initial investment comprises of the equipment cost, interior setup cost, POS systems, Furniture, signage, and more.

It is important to mention that the Rowdy Momo doesn’t charges any franchise fee from its franchisees.

How much is the Rowdy Momo Franchise Fee?

As mentioned earlier, Rowdy Momo currently doesn’t charges any franchise fee and royalty fee from its franchise partner.

Thus, Rowdy Momo becomes a highly lucrative business opportunity. However, “ZERO Franchise Fee and Royalty” shouldn’t be the only primary criterion for choosing this franchise. Let’s explore more about it in the upcoming sections.

Additional Cost for Rowdy Momo

Typically, a food and beverage brand charges a royalty fee of 5-8%, which is calculated on a monthly basis on the outlet’s gross sales. However, Rowdy Momo is an exception to this, as at present, the chain doesn’t levy any royalty charges from its partners.

Investment for Takeway Model

Franchise FeesZero
Deep Fryer210,000
Deep Freezer ( 800 Ltr )150,000
Microwave Oven17,300
Induction Cooktop13,200
Steel Table ( 5 Feet )224,000
Steel Table Assembly ( 4 Feet )111,500
Mixer Grinder15,000
Single Door Refrigerator111,500
Kitchen Accesories18,300
Interior branding112,000
Cash Counter212,000
Signage(logo Light board)115,000
Refundable Deposit50,000
Total Investment2,65,000

Investment for Dine-In Model

Franchise FeesZero
Deep Fryer210,000
Deep Freezer ( 800 Ltr )150,000
Microwave Oven17,300
Induction Cooktop13,200
Steel Table ( 5 Feet )224,000
Steel Table Assembly ( 4 Feet )111,000
Mixer Grinder15,000
Single Door Refrigerator111,500
Kitchen Accesories18,300
Interior branding112,000
Cash Counter212,000
Signage(logo Light board)115,000
Fully Refundable Deposit50,000
Total Investment3,23,000
Air Conditioner130,000
Glass Door130,000
Music System110,000

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How much is Rowdy Momo Franchise Profit Margin?

Rowdy Momo Franchise Profit

As previously mentioned, Rowdy Momo offers two models for selling its franchises. While the Takeaway option may not require a large retail space, the Dine-In model may necessitate a proper restaurant space in a high street market.

Like other food businesses, The net margin or the profitability of a single Rowdy Momo outlet will eventually depend on the location (primary factor), average customer traffic at the outlet, and overall customer experience at the restaurants.

Furthermore, the brand name also plays a significant role in generating a healthy profit margin and in determining the future growth prospects for existing franchisees.

Based on our estimate and the industry standards, a franchise aspirants can expect a net margin of 20-25%.

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What are the requirements to start a Rowdy Momo Franchise?

  1. Should be ready to learn the fundamentals of operating a food franchises.
  2. You should at least have the initial capital of fund to get started with this franchise.
  3. Candidates are advised to secure a retail space of at least 250-400 square feet at high traffic area.

What are the alternatives to Rowdy Momo Franchise?

Certainly, there are only a few franchises available that offer their licenses to aspiring entrepreneurs to operate their outlets at minimal investment. Nevertheless, one shouldn’t overlook considering these franchises when exploring an investment in the momo business.

Tibet Momo Franchise

Tibet Momo inaugurated its first outlet in Chennai in 2016. The founder, Hemanth Padharthi and his team nearly took six year to understand and craft the secret recipe for Momos and other Chinese cuisines.

With approximately 150 delectable tasty food options (Twice of Rowdy Momo) and an enormous customer base of 50 lakhs, Tibet Momo has expanded its reach throughout the southern states of India.

At present, the chain boasts a presence of over 30 outlets countrywide and offers its franchises to aspiring candidates at an initial investment of ₹7 lakhs.

Do check out our complete analysis on this.

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Wow! Momo Franchise

With very little information available on Wikipedia and FranchiseGoal, the Wow! Momo franchising procedure is full of intrigue.

The chain was established in 2008 by Sagar and Binod in Kolkalta, West Bengal. Since then, there haven’t been any setback for the brand.

With over 425 outlets nationwide, lip-smacking range of Chinese cuisines, competitive pricing, and growing customer base for its food, Wow! Momo is certainly one of the leading and rapidly growing brand in the momo industry.

At FranchiseGoal India itself, we receive over 500+ queries everyday. If you have been passionately searching for WOW!, you should consider reading our in-depth analysis on same.

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How to Get Rowdy Momo Franchise?

As Rowdy Momo is new to the market, it has yet to build a customer base in other part of the Indian city. Therefore, there is a 100% possibility for you to acquire this franchise for your location.

The application process is quite simple and to become an approved owner, one need to visit its official website and register your interest for same.

  1. Visit the Rowdy Momo’s official website.
  2. Navigate to become a partner tab and fill in the application form.
    • You may need to fill in the details like Name, Email ID, Phone Number, City, State, and more.

Official details of Rowdy Momo

Official WebsiteRowdy Momo
AddressPlot no A, 144/6,koparkhairne road,
TTC industrial area, Midc Industrial area,
Pawne, Navi Mumbai,
Maharashtra, 400710
Phone Number9321344404

Final Takeaway – Conclusion | Should you buy a Rowdy Momo Franchise?

Undoubtedly, the momo industry is growing at a significant pace, and brands like Wow Momo, Tibet Momo, and others have capitalized on this growth, expanding their presence throughout the country.

In the case of Rowdy Momo, the chain is relatively new in the market compared to its competitors. Additionally, Rowdy Momo originated in Navi Mumbai and may plan to expand within its home state before considering neighboring states in the near future. Therefore, There is still much work ahead for Rowdy Momo.

Nevertheless, considering its low startup cost along with its “Zero Franchise fee and Royalty” could draw attention of the franchise enthusiasts seeking an investment in the food industry.

Before considering a Rowdy Momo outlet franchise, it’s advisable to connect with at least 4-5 existing Rowdy Momo outlet owners.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. How much does it cost to start a Rowdy Momo Franchise?

    The initial investment to start a Rowdy Momo could range between ₹2.65 lakh and ₹3.25 lakh, with the latter being for the Dine-in model and the former for the Takeaway concept.

  2. Is Rowdy Momo Franchise Profitable?

    The chain is certainly a new entry in the market and is yet to disclose its financial report to the public. Nevertheless, considering the enormous growth in the industry, competitive pricing, and diverse range in its menu, franchise aspirants can anticipate a monthly net profit margin of 20-40%.

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