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Start a Burger King Franchise in India – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Searching for a multinational burger franchise? Well, you have reached the right place. Today, we are bringing in the fastest-growing and renowned burger franchise for you. Ya, you read it right – we will be covering an in-depth article on – How to Start a Burger King Franchise in India?

Burger King franchise
  • Franchise Fee: Rs. 11 lacs – Rs. 37 lacs
  • Initial Inventory: Rs. 5 lacs – 10 lacs
  • No. of Outlets: 19000+ worldwide
  • Royalty Fee: 4.5%
  • Ad Royalty Fee: 4%
  • Net Worth: Rs. 20 Cr
  • Cash Requirements: Rs. 10 Cr
  • Agreement Period: 20 Years
  • Total Initial Investment: Rs. 3 Cr – Rs. 5 Cr

Overview of Burger King Franchise in India

Burger King franchise opportunities

Burger King is one of the most popular and rapidly growing fast food joints in India. The chain was founded in 1953 by David Edgerton & James McLamore. The chain has been popularly known for serving a variety of delicious fast food items like Burgers, Whopper, Fries, Beverages, desserts, wings and many other.

Having its strong worldwide outlet network, over 1400 plus outlets in India, and more than 19,000+ outlets across the global (Including India) has enabled the chain to become second largest fast food hamburger chain in the world.

Burger king is also known as one of the subsidiary chain of its parent company – Restaurant Brands International Inc(RBI), which is one of the world’s largest quick service restaurant companies with more than $35 billion in annual system-wide sales and over 28,000 restaurants in more than 100 countries.

RBI owns four of the world’s most prominent and iconic quick service restaurant brands – TIM HORTONS, BURGER KING, POPEYES, and FIREHOUSE SUBS, and these chain has been serving their respective customers over the decade.

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Burger King – The Journey

Burger King franchise cost in India

The journey started with their humble beginning to serve a range of lip-smacking fast food items at affordable pricing, to being one of the second largest fast food hamburger chains in the world is amazing.

As per their latest report, the Burger king chain has generated a revenue of US$ 1.81 billion(2021) and would certainly be generating more in the future.

Burger King has grown into over 1400 strong families across India in Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai, Jaipur, and other cities. Surprisingly, considering their demand – the chain has also expanded its outlets in Tier 3 cities as well.

Key facts about Burger King

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameBurger King
2IndustryFood and Beverages, Restaurants
4Founders Or Parent CompanyDavid Edgerton & James McLamore
Parent company- Restaurant Brands International Inc(RBI)
5Corporate Headquarters5505 Blue Lagoon Drive,
Miami-Dade County, Florida, United States
6Number of locationsOver 19000 outlets across more than100 countries
7Area servedOver 100 countries
8ModelFOFO, Franchising, and licensing
9Menu offeringHamburgers, Chicken, French fries, Soft drinks,
Milkshakes, Salads, Desserts, Breakfast
10RevenueUS$ 1.81 billion(2021)

In India, Burger King franchise rights are controlled by Restaurant Brands Asia Limited, which is the master franchisee.

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Why consider owning a Burger King Franchise?

Burger King Franchise Cost

Do you need a reason to Own a Burger king outlet franchise? Obviously, you have a lot of money in your bank – Just kidding. look, There could be multiple reasons to own a Burger king but you need to understand its prominent features;

  1. Global Presence:
    • As mentioned earlier, Burger king has numerous outlets presence across multiple countries. It shows its brand presence and value among its consumers.
  2. Restaurant Development:
    • The franchise growth is led by a proper restaurant development program, where they have allotted master franchises in respective countries that takes care of the franchise expansion.
  3. Advertising and Promotions:
    • The franchise has been continuously and extensively working to advertise and has been promoting its products and outlets to its direct consumers. It helps the chain to build a strong and everlasting experience for its customers.
  4. Operations Support:
    • Its operations strategy is designed to deliver best-in-class restaurant operations by franchisees and to improve friendliness, cleanliness, speed of service, and overall guest satisfaction.
  5. Product Development and Innovation:
    • Burger King has a strong product and culinary development team that allows the chain to innovate new menus frequently and deliver the right products in each country.
      • The development of new products can drive traffic by expanding its customer base, allowing restaurants to expand into new day parts, and continuing to build brand leadership in food quality and taste.
  6. Best in class Manufacturing, Supply and Distribution:
    • The franchise offers world-class manufacturing, supply, and distribution channels to its outlet holders. having a comprehensive supplier approval process allows the chain to produce and serve best-in-class products for their consumers.
  7. Loyal Customer Base:
    • A Good brand with more than millions of customer base is just an amazing thing for any franchise or business, and Burger King is NO EXCEPTION to that. It garners a huge fan following across the globe and almost all of its outlets are crowded irrespective of the season.

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How much does a Burger King Franchise Cost in India?

Burger King franchise cost & Fee

The franchise fee or Total Initial setup cost for Burger King will depend on the proposed geographical locations. Nonetheless, To start a Burger king franchised outlet, one would at least require an initial investment of ₹3 Crore – ₹5 Crore and a dedicated floor area of over 1200 square feet to set up a brick-and-mortar retail space.

FYI, the above-mentioned initial investment for Burger king business does cover the expenses or fees such as Franchise fees, Marketing Fees, Equipment, and other necessary fees. Moreover, if you are planning to opt for a dine-in restaurant, then it would unquestionably cost more than ₹ 10 Crore in India.

Burger King Franchise Fee

The franchise fee for Burger king is ₹ 11 lacs to ₹ 37 lacs. Furthermore, to qualify financially, franchise candidates and their partners/investors must have a minimum net worth of Rs. 20 Cr with available liquidity of Rs. 10 Cr

Additional Cost for Burger King

Typically, to run and maintain a Burger king outlet, one must adhere to their standards and are liable to pay a few additional costs such as Royalty fee, advertisement fee, maintenance fee, and a few other investments.

The on-going royalty fee for Burger King Franchise in India is 4.5% and ad royalty fee is 4% of gross sales.

Type of FeeCost and Other Details
Franchise FeeRs. 11 lacs – Rs. 37 lacs
Royalty Fee4.5%
Ad Royalty Fee4%
Net WorthRs. 20 Cr
Cash RequirementsRs. 10 Cr
Agreement Period20 Years, Renewable
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 3 Cr – Rs. 5 Cr

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Are Burger King Franchise Profitable?

Are Burger King franchise profitable

Considering the Burger King chain’s expertise of over six decades, a wide range of affordable & delicious food offerings, extensive training & marketing support, a proven business model, and a loyal fan base, one may anticipate earning an impressive profit margin.

Moreover, one may also need to consider that owning a Burger king outlet would certainly require immense investment and you should be ready to bear the ongoing expenses.

According to its FDD, Burger King was one of the highest revenue-generating chains in 2021, with revenues exceeding US$1.8 billion.

Nevertheless, almost every Burger king outlet sells products approximately between ₹20,000 and ₹30,000 per day on average, making it Rs. 6 lacs to 9 lac per month. Thus, it can be anticipated that one can certainly earn a profit of anywhere between Rs. 3 lacs to Rs. 4 lacs every month after all cost cuts.

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How to Get burger king franchise in India?

How to get Burger King franchise in India

Ready to apply for a Burger King outlet franchise? Great!!

We would again remind you that – it certainly requires enormous investment and may offer an impressive profit margin. Nevertheless, Burger King’s chain may provide several benefits, and interested candidates can take up franchise outlets in their city through their expertise and endless support systems.

To get a Burger King franchise, please visit their official website to understand more about their future plans and upcoming opportunities, and send a mail to inquire about franchising opportunities at –

Please make sure to mention your details, such as, Region of Interest, Name, Email, Phone number, City and State, Cash available, Net worth, Prior restaurant experience, and other information.

Final Takeaway

Started in 1954 by David Edgerton & James McLamoreBurger King is one of the second-largest hamburger joints that cater to a wide range of delicious menu items such as Hamburgers, Chicken, French fries, Soft drinks, Milkshakes, Salads, Desserts, and Breakfast.

It has penetrated the Indian market in November 2014 and within a few years of its launch, it acquired a significant market share in this industry. Currently, It boasts more than 1400 franchise partners on board -Pan India.

However, Its expertise of over 6 decades, affordable pricing, best-in-class service, customer experience, social media presence, uninterrupted supply chain, and robust outlet network aids an extra advantage for the new franchisee unit holder.

With an Initial investment of Rs. 3 Cr – Rs. 5 Cr, Burger King chain may offer an outstanding profit margin to its stakeholders and one may anticipate a profit margin of 30-35%.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. How much does it cost to start a Burger King franchise?

    Ans: To become an approved Burger King Outlet owner, one would at least require an initial investment of Rs. 3 Cr – Rs. 5 Cr. There are some other costs involved and a few of them are listed below;

    Franchise Fee: ₹ 11 lacs – ₹ 37 lacs
    Initial Inventory: ₹ 5 lacs – ₹7 lacs
    Royalty Fee: 4.5%
    Ad Royalty Fee: 4%
    Net Worth: ₹20 Crore
    Cash Requirements: Rs. 10 Crore
    Agreement Period: 20 Years, Renewable
    Total Initial Investment: ₹3 Crore – ₹5 Crore

  2. How much does a Burger King franchise owner make?

    Ans: The profitability of Burger king outlets may depend on the outlet’s geographical location.
    Usually, An average Burger king outlet sells products between Rs. 6 lacs to 9 lacs or more. Thus, one may anticipate earning an impressive profit of Rs. 3 lacs to Rs. 4 lacs per month.

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