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Start a Burgrill Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Are you fascinated by the QSR Industry and looking to Invest in it? Starting A Burgrill franchise will be the best option and will end your research on affordable and healthier burger franchises.

The article will assist you in comprehending the Burgrill model with its Cost requirements, Fee, Profit margin, and complete guidelines to set up this franchise in your city.

  • Brand: Burgrill
  • Founded: 2016
  • No. of Outlets: 30+
  • Space Required: 300-600 Sq. ft.
  • Franchise Fee: Rs. 10 lakh
  • Set Up Cost: Rs. 23.9 – 50.9 lakh
  • Royalty Fee: 5.9% of Net Sales
  • ROI: 18 – 24 Months
  • Total Initial Investment: Rs. 33.9 – 60.9 lakh

Understanding a QSR chain growth prospects:

The enormous expansion in the QSR chain – offering a healthier and more affordable menu is partly due to the rise in the health consciousness of consumers that has also helped the QSR industry to transform and drive growth simultaneously. Nowadays, customers are ready to pay few extra cash for healthier food.

As per a recent study by Businesswire, the Indian QSR market expects to reach approx. INR 827.63 Billion by FY 2025, exhibiting a CAGR growth of over 18% for 2021-2025. In the northern part of India, the major QSR chains like KFC, McDonald’s, Wow Momo, Baskin Robbins, Amul, and others dominate the market.

This rise is primarily attributed to the increase in growing eating-out habits, rising disposable income, changing lifestyles, rapid urbanization, affordability, and the online food delivery system.

Burgrill Snippets:

Burgrill franchise cost in India

Burgrill is one of the rapidly growing burger chains in India that focuses mostly on healthy prepared meals. It was founded in 2016 with the audacious ambition to deliver healthy and reasonably priced fast food items. According to the brand, fresh bread and fresh vegetables are used to prepare each order.

They are one of the chains to offer affordable and healthier(keeping calories in mind) lip-smacking gourmet grilled burgers. They have a presence of more than 30 outlets across the cities in India and future planning to go international.

Please continue reading if you are an avid consumer of burger/ Healthy food enthusiasts & want to take your love for burgers to another level, and this little snippet about the Burgrill chain and India’s QSR Industry growth prospects excites you.

We’ll be providing you with comprehensive and well-researched information regarding this franchise, along with its price, fees, profit margin, and—most importantly—the reason “Why” you need it.

Overview of Burgrill Franchise

Overview of Burgrill Franchise

Started in 2016 by Ankur Madan, Shreh Madan, and Rajat Bawa, Burgrill is one of the fastest-growing burger chains in India, Awarded thrice in a row by Times food. With more than 30 outlets across northern India, they hold a prominent position in burger chains.

The future planning to add more outlets across India and other international countries will create an opportunity for interested prospects to start a Burgrill outlet in their hometown.

Burgrill caters varieties of lip-smacking foods under its umbrella,

  • Veg/Non-Veg Burgers
  • Large Veg/Non-Veg Burgers
  • Wraps
  • Subs
  • Healthy Bowls
  • Fries
  • Shakes
  • Desserts
  • Combo Packs
  • *Hot Dogs Coming Soon*

Only the primary categories of offerings are listed above, and each area has a variety of culinary offerings. Surprisingly, Its menu starts with just Rs. 59/- making it more affordable to any set of consumers.

Why to Choose a Burgrill franchise?

Considering the future growth potential of the QSR Industry, Starting a Burgrill outlet will be especially beneficial to its franchisee unitholder. One need to understand the business potential and USP of the franchise.

Now, let’s start with the reason to own this franchise,

  1. Completely motivated towards QSR:
    • No matter how many hurdles you face, if you are committed, understand the franchise, and are passionate about the QSR industry, nothing will stand in your way. Then, this franchise is for You.
  2. Love for Burgers:
    • If you are an avid burger consumer and want to take your love for Burger to another level, this franchise is for you.
  3. Successful Business model: 
    • Burgrill has a history of repetitive success that will enable franchisee unitholder to believe in the franchise system and taste the success without putting much effort.
  4. Award and Recognition:
    • Owning a recognized franchise might benefit unitholder to acquire significant fast-food consumers and churn impressive profit within a few years of outlet launch.
  5. Visionary Founders:
    • Burgrill was founded by visionary founders (Names mentioned above) who identified the limitations in QSR chains at an early stage, enabling it to grow ahead of its competitors.
  6. Focused and Varieties in Menu:
    • Focusing on main menu items (Burgers) may enable the unitholder to discover numerous food combinationsBurgrill is known as the only Indian fast food brand that offers healthy and delicious options.
  7. Low Risk, High Rewards: Owning a Burgrill outlet might prove beneficial for a new franchisee unitholder, as it offers a low-risk business opportunity and numerous opportunities for exploration.

I guess above mentioned list would be enough for you to overall dimension of the Burgrill brand and its value in Indian Market.

How much does a Burgrill franchise Cost?

Burgrill Franchise Cost

The Cost to own a franchise is one of the most asked questions over the internet. But why so?

See, Owning a franchise may involve several other expenses that you were unaware of at an early stage. To clarify more, starting up a fresh outlet requires recurring expenses like Rent, employee salary expenses, electricity charges, royalty fees, and a few other charges to run any outlet hassle-freely.

Other than some fixed expenses, one would also need to spend few extra cash on government food licenses, Interior decoration, and Rent agreement charges.

Below is the cost involved in starting a Burgrill outlet(different outlet models),

Take Away

EssentialsCash required and other details
Space Required300 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 10 lakh
Set up Cost( Including Interiors and
other required arrangements)
Rs. 23.90 lakh
Royalty Fee5.9% of Total sales
Return on Investment22 Months
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 33.90 lakh

Dine In

EssentialsCash required and other details
Space Required400 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 10 lakh
Set up Cost( Including Interiors and
other required arrangements)
Rs. 29.90 lakh
Royalty Fee5.9% of Total sales
Return on Investment18 Months
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 39.90 lakh

Dine In with Beer

EssentialsCash required and other details
Space Required600 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 10 lakh
Set up Cost( Including Interiors and
other required arrangements)
Rs. 50.90 lakh
Royalty Fee5.9% of Total sales
Return on Investment21 Months
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 60.90 lakh

The Burgrill franchise cost in India will range from 33.9 lakhs to 60.90 lakhs, depending on the chosen model. The ROI may vary depending on the chosen city and the market condition. We will discuss more on Return on investment and profit in next part of the article.

How much is Burgrill Franchise Profit Margin?

The entire conversation on franchise or I would say the acceptance ratio for most of the franchises will end up in a single question, i.e., How much is the profit? Right. After all, expenses, costs, and other investments, our main focus is always on Profit margin because there is no bigger motivation than money.

Generally, A QSR chain offers a gross profit margin of over 35-40% and a final profit margin of 10-15%, with a return on investment ranging from 18 months to 24 months.

The above-mentioned ROI will depend on the chosen model, city, and overall market conditions.

Burgrill Franchise Requirements

Burgrill franchise in India has been enjoying success over the past few years, thanks to its business model and service offerings. The QSR industry is highly competitive, and Burgrill is highly selective in offering outlets to its unitholder.

Below is the key requisites to own this franchise,

  • Financial Requirement: Interested applicants must meet the financial and site requirements suggested by the Burgrill brand. To know more about this, read the franchise cost section.
  • Entrepreneurship Skills: Franchisee unitholder must possess a strong entrepreneurship skills such as,
    • Good Team Leader and Team player
    • Growth Oriented
    • Active listener and Good at communicating with consumers
    • and much more.
  • No Prior Experience: Although it is not specifically necessary for the brand, it will be advantageous for you if you have past experience in the food business.
  • Commitment and Focus: Starting and running a full-fledged franchise requires some serious commitments and focus towards the business from the unitholder. One need to be active participant in the daily activities of business.

How to Apply for Burgrill Franchise?

Once you are ready with the Burgrill franchise’s financial and site requirements and prepared to take up this franchise, you need to visit the official website franchise form. The highlighted link will navigate you to the franchise page.

You should fill up the required details like Name, Email ID, Contact Number, Preferred Location, and your message.

Burgrill franchise form

After form submission, somebody from the Burgrill sales team will reach out to you for further processing.

You can also check with other official details like, Email address:, Phone number: 011 – 45000103, and official address( Incase it’s near to your city): A – 8 First floor Community center Naraina Industrial Area, Phase 2 – 110028.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!


Founded in 2016 by Ankur Madan, Shreh Madan, and Rajat Bawa, Burgrill is one of the fastest-growing Burgers chains in India, Thanks to its affordable pricing and Health-ish fast food varieties. In addition to over 30 outlets, they offer a variety of burger menus including, Wraps, Subs, Drinks, Desserts, Shakes, and much more.

Burgrill has a strong presence across northern India, with the varieties in the offering, affordable pricing, low investment risk, and Loyal customer base that has garnered the attention of several food franchise enthusiasts.

One would have to spend at least 33.99 lakhs (For Take away)- 60.9 lakhs (For Dine-in with Beer) to open an outlet, and they can easily make 35-40% gross profit margins. If you are passionate about the QSR industry, are optimistic about it, and are capable of adding value to the business, then you should consider starting this franchise

That’s it from my side. Friends, I sincerely believe that my guide on “Start an Burgrill Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit” was helpful and educational, but if you’d need more details, you can check out the franchise’s official website. If you like this piece, kindly let me know by leaving a comment and spreading the word to as many of your friends as you can; Your comments offer us more inspiration to keep producing high-quality material for you. Many thanks.

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  1. What is the Cost required for Starting a Burgrill franchise?

    Ans: Owning a renowned Burgrill outlet would at least require 33.9 -60.9 lakhs. Below are a few more details about the cost required for take away concept,

    Franchise fee: Rs. 10 lakh
    Setup Cost: Rs. 23.9 lakh
    Total Initial InvestmentRs. 33.9 lakh

  2. Is Burgrill franchise profitable?

    Ans: Yes, absolutely! As a low-risk investment opportunity with global recognition, the Burgrill offers an outstanding profit margin for its unit holders at a relatively low cost.

    As per the franchise report, the franchise offers a return on investment in 18-24 months.

  3. What are the official details of Burgrill franchise?

    Ans: Below is the official details,

    Email address:
    Phone number: 011 – 45000103
    Official address: A – 8 First floor Community center Naraina Industrial Area, Phase 2 – 110028.

  4. How many Burgrill franchise locations are there?

    Ans: As per the franchise website, Burgrill has over 30 outlets across India and further future expansion plan to spread internationally.

  5. What are the Menus of Burgrill Outlet?

    Ans: Below are the list,

    Veg/Non-Veg Burgers, Large Veg/Non-Veg Burgers, Wraps, Subs, Healthy Bowls, Fries, Shakes, Desserts, Combo Packs.

    *Hot Dogs Coming Soon*

  6. What is the Royalty Fee and ROI of Burgrill franchise?

    Ans: Burgrill requires a royalty fee of 5.9% of Net sales and a return on investment in 18 months to 24 months.

    The ROI will depend on the chosen model, city, and the over all market condition.

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