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Start a FirstCry Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Are you looking for Kids apparel store franchise? Starting a FirstCry franchise will be the best option and would end your research on Kids & Baby Retail store franchises.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep in to Kids & Baby Retail store industry growth prospects along with the FirstCry chain and its model with capital requirements, fee, profit, and step-by-step guidelines to set up this franchise outlet – and answer some common questions about the franchise.

FirstCry Franchise Opportunity
  • Franchise fee: Rs. 2 lakh
  • Space Requirement / Floor Area: 1200-3000 sq. ft.
  • Payback Period: 36-48 Months
  • Gross Profit Margin: 30-35%
  • License Period: 5 Years, Renewable
  • Royalty Fee: Not Clear
  • Total Initial Investment: Rs. 40-50 lakh

Understanding a Kids apparel store growth prospects:

As far as population is concerned, India is the second-largest nation in the world, and the majority of its citizens are under the age of 15. As a result, the Indian kid’s apparel market is one of the most dynamic and fast-rising worldwide.

The rising urbanization, increase in disposable income, and ever-evolving lifestyles are additional factors driving the exponential growth of this industry.

But, Do we have any data for that? Yes. Absolutely.

According to the Imarc group research, the Indian kid’s apparel industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.6% from 2022 to 2027.

Need another data set? Here you, go!

As per an article published on, the Indian kid’s apparel industry was estimated at $16.4 Billion in 2020 and expected to grow steadily, exhibiting a staggering CAGR growth of 14.5% during 2022-2026.

FirstCry franchise Snippets:

FirstCry Franchise Store front

FirstCry is one of the largest and renowned brand in Asia, known for offering over 2 lakh unique kids products, 6000 plus brands across its online and offline channels. They have a wide presence of more than 400 offline stores across various cities in India.

It is one of the oldest e-commerce brand focusing primarily on kids fashion and apparel segment. Recently, they have also started their own preschool franchise.

The journey that all began with the idea to serve the continuously growing kid’s care sector from the commencement of FirstCry operations in September 2010 to turning it into an Rs. 897 crores revenue-generating firm is fascinating.

– The FirstCry Journey

Please continue reading if you are passionate for Kids care franchise & this little snippet about the FirstCry and kids apparel Industry growth prospects of India excites you.

We will offer comprehensive and well-researched information regarding the FirstCry chain, along with its price, fees, profit margin, and—most importantly—the reason “Why” you need it.

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Overview of FirstCry Franchise

FirstCry Franchise benefits

Started in 2010 by Supam Maheshwari(CEO), or FirstCry is one of the biggest and most rapidly expanding kid’s apparel franchises in Asia. They have a wide presence of over 400 outlets across various cities in India, offering over 2,00,000 unique kids products and over 6000 brands via multiple channels to its consumer.

With the recent launch of FirstCry Preschool has enabled the franchise to capture a significant market in Preschool Industry. Some of their eminent offering and features of FirstCry include,

  • Customer base of 7.5 Millions registered users.
  • Flexible return, exchange and return policy
  • Free shipping for order above Rs. 699( For Online/App based customer)

Below are the range of products that FirstCry caters,

The franchise caters a range of products, including Boy/Girl Fashion wear, Footwears, Toys, Diapering, Gears, Feeding Accessories, Bath Accessories, Nursery, Mom’s care, Women’s beauty & care, Boutiques, and School Supplies.

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Why Consider Owning a FirstCry Franchise?

FirstCry Franchise Outlet

Owning the FirstCry outlet in your area may be advantageous for several reasons, especially given the market potential and industry growth. But I’ll list some of the prominent reasons for opening this franchise.

  1. Brand & Recognition:
    • The kid’s apparel industry is highly fragmented and dominated by the unorganized sector. However, Owning a Reputed chain like FirstCry would be the first step towards success in the industry, and apparently, that will offer an edge over its competitors.
  2. Varieties in Products and services:
    • The chain offers a complete range of kids and moms products right from toddlers to mom’s fashion products. Some of the key product offering are mentioned above.
  3. Subscription Model:
    • FirstCry offers its products at nominal pricing through a subscription model to consumers, which enables them to build a loyal customer base and ultimately helps to garner an exceptional and recurring profit margin.
  4. High return on Investment & Faster Payback:
    • With a quicker return on investment, FirstCry offers franchisees a high return on investment. Don’t forget to check out the most vital segment- Bonus-tip.
  5. End-to-End Support:
    • FirstCry offers complete and dedicated team support to its franchisee owners, from Selecting a site followed by interior and exterior décor, Sales and Marketing, Social media advertising, proper stock supply through priority transport channels, and much more.

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How much does a FirstCry Franchise Cost?

FirstCry Franchise Cost

As mentioned earlier, FirstCry is a renowned kid’s apparel chain and to own a FirstCry outlet would at least cost Rs. 50-60 lakhs(Including initial cost, stock and other expenses) depending on the chosen location and the site area.

Below is the cost required to set up an FirstCry outlet,

EssentialsCost and other required details
Space/Area required1200-3000 sq. ft.(Preferably
on a busy street and wide storefront
Franchise FeeApprox. Rs. 2 lakh
Gross Profit Margin30-35%
Net Profit Margin18-20%
License Period5 Years
Is a license renewable?Yes
Royalty FeeNot Clear
Estimated Payback Period36-48 months
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 30-35 lakh(Excluding Stock
and other expenses)
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 50-60 lakh( Required to run a
store efficiently)

In light of this, the above estimate might help you in estimating the upfront costs associated with opening an outlet for you.

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How much is FirstCry Franchise Profit Margin?

Everyone wants to run a profitable business. Isn’t it? No wonder it is one of the most typical inquiries before purchasing a franchise. After all, nobody wants to destroy their hard-earned money. So, for this, I will try to explain it via an example.

Consider you own an outlet(Rented) in Tier 3 indian city and generating an average monthly sales of Rs. 12 lakhs. Based on this scenario, let’s calculate the net profit margin.

EssentialsRelated cost expenses
Average Monthly salesRs. 12 lakh
Stock costing(@65%)(Rs. 7.8 lakh )
Gross ProfitRs. 4.2 lakh
Rent(Rs. 50,000)
Electricity & Water Expenses(Rs. 15,000)
Employee Salary(Min. 5)(Rs. 50,000)
Marketing & Other Expenses(Rs. 1 lakh)
Net ProfitRs. 2.15 lakh

Based on above data, one can anticipate a gross profit margin of 30-35% and Net profit of 18-20%(Depending on the location and city).

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FirstCry Franchise Return on Investment

One can easily comprehend that, FirstCry requires a good chunk of amount to own an outlet. However, considering the market growth potential and its brand value and presence all over the indian city, one can expect a faster Investment payback.

As per our estimate, One may get back their invested amount in a period of 36-48 months. However, we would recommend the interested prospects to do their proper market research and do check with franchise’s market representative for more details.

What are the requirements for FirstCry Franchise?

  • Interested applicants must meet the financial and site requirements suggested by the franchise.
  • FirstCry outlets require an initial investment of at least Rs. 50–60 lakhs to operate successfully, though this amount may change based on your city and the demand for the project.
  • Franchisee owner must possess a history of effective financial management.
  • Owners must possess strong leadership qualities, better communication skills, and be actively involved in running the business.
  • Interested prospects should be able to produce the original documents like,
    • Pan Card/ Aadhaar card
    • Bank Passbook
    • Business’s GST Certificate
    • Franchise agreement
    • Passport size photos
    • Address proof of site
    • NOC or Other requested document

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How to get a FirstCry Franchise?

The application process might seem pretty comfortable as one has to only visit their official website page and fill up the requested details. The highlighted link will navigate you to the FirstCry official franchise page.

You should fill up the required details like Name, Email ID, Phone Number, State, City, Which store you are interested in, Capital available, and describe yourself briefly.

After form submission, somebody from the FirstCry sales team will reach out to you for further processing.

The further processing may involves certain tasks such as,

  • Site Inspection
  • Market Valuation and projection
  • Customer footfall analysis
  • Build up and Interior work
  • Modernization
  • Brand awareness in local area and on digital media platform
  • Inauguration
  • and further needed support

**Bonus Tip**

  1. Based on the franchise, the initial investment will be somewhere between Rs. 20-30 lakh, but the Glassdoor report indicates that you would be required to invest at least Rs. 50-60 lakh, & it may go as high as Rs. 70-90 lakh.
  2. The profitability may also change based on the size and location of your outlet. Although, the franchise reports claim that one may generate a profit margin of 30–35%.
    • It can, however, be operated effectively with a net margin of 18–20%.
  3. Last but not least, your OWN brand could be a rival. Prices may differ across online and physical sales channels, which could reduce your profitability.
    • However, if you provide the same discount as the online channel, you may draw a sizable customer base and ultimately produce a respectable profit margin.

Dear franchise aspirants, above tips are solely written to assist you in comprehending the ever-spreading kids apparel industry franchise – FirstCry and make you aware about the several aspects of owning this franchise. You must also understand the capital required to own an outlet and its sustainable profit margin.


Established in 2010 by Supam Maheshwari, FirstCry is one of the largest and rapidly growing kid’s apparel franchises in Asia, Thanks to its varieties in brands, vast industry exposure, affordability, and largest collection of SKUs.

In addition to over 400 outlets across various cities, they offer a variety of products over 2,00,000 unique collections under its outlets and online channels such as Fashion wear, footwears, toys, diapering, gears, and much more items for kids.

They also offers a wide range of products for mom’s as well and great parenting platform for parents.

One would have to spend at least Rs. 50 – 60 lakhs to open an outlet, and they can easily make a gross profit margin of 30-35% and net margin of 18-20% with a payback period of 36-48 months.

If you are passionate about the kids’ apparel industry and are optimistic about it, then you should consider starting this franchise.

That’s it from my side. Friends, I sincerely believe that my guide on “Start a FirstCry Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit” was helpful and educational, but if you’d need more details, you can check out the franchise’s official website.

If you like this piece, kindly let me know by leaving a comment and spreading the word to as many of your friends as you can; Your comments offer us more inspiration to keep producing high-quality material for you. Many thanks.

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  1. How much does it Cost to Start a FirstCry Franchise?

    Ans: Owning an FirstCry outlet would require at least require a Total investment of Rs. 40-50 lakh. Some of the key expenses involved in the setting up an outlet is mentioned below,

    Franchise fee: Rs. 2lakh
    Space Requirement / Floor Area: 1200-3000 sq. ft.
    Payback Period: 36-48 Months
    Gross Profit Margin: 30-35%
    License Period: 5 Years, Renewable
    Royalty Fee: Not Clear
    Total Initial Investment: Rs. 40-50 lakh

  2. Is FirstCry franchise Profitable?

    Ans: Absolutely, yes! The FirstCry chain would undoubtedly be profitable for its unitholder as a well-known chain that offers wide range of premium products targeting its key consumers and a proven business model to churn higher profit margins.

    The franchise offers Quick ROI (Return on Investment) – 36-48 Months and an impressive profit margin products.

  3. How to Get FirstCry Franchise?

    Ans: To apply for a FirstCry chain is easy and one has to simply fill up required details in franchise enquiry form. However, to get a FirstCry outlet, one has to meet the financial and site requirements suggested by the chain.

    To apply for franchise, please follow below procedure,

    Official website:

    Or directly connect with,
    Rashmi Jadhav: +91 9545021919
    Email at:

  4. What are the brands that FirstCry offers?

    Ans: FirstCry offers a wide range of product portfolio and premium brands under its umbrella and some of them are Chicco, Graco, BSA, Johnson & Johnson, Medela, Pigeon, Fisher – Price, FunSkool, Lego, Disney & Barbie.

  5. Who are the Founders and what is the official address of FirstCry franchise?

    Ans: As per the wikipedia, the founders are Supam Maheshwari, Amitava Saha, Prashant Jadhav, Sanket Hattimattur.

    Official Head quarters: Pune, Maharashtra

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