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Can you Own a Decathlon Franchise in India? Cost & Profit

How to Get Decathlon Franchise - Cost, Fee, & Profit
How to Get Decathlon Franchise - Cost, Fee, & Profit

Have you been searching for a sporting goods franchise? Do you own a sports retail outlet and are unsatisfied with its margin? Did you stumble upon this page while searching for a sporting retails chain – Decathlon Franchise in India?

Then, there is Good News for YOU! and certainly, after reading this complete article you would be in a position to choose the BEST AVAILABLE SPORTING franchise and start your entrepreneurial journey with Decathlon. But, Is it Really for You?

Yes, you correctly read it. We will cover an in-depth article on starting a Decathlon franchise in your city with its capital required, cost, profitand step-by-step guidelines to get this franchise – and answer some common questions about the chain.

Decathlon Franchise opportunity
  • Brand: Decathlon
  • Founded: 1976
  • HQ: France
  • Industry: Sporting Retail
  • Founder: Michel Leclercq
  • No. of outlets: Over 2000+ worldwide
  • Expansion: Self-owned & operated
  • Franchise: Not a franchise
  • Revenue: 13.8 billion euros

Overview of Decathlon Franchise in India

Overview of Decathlon Franchise in India

Incepted in 1976 by Michel Leclercq, A French entrepreneur in Lille France, Decathlon is one of world’s most popular and rapidly growing sporting goods retail chains, offering a wide range of sports wear, accessories, Gym activewear and equipment for men, women, and kids.

Decathlon is also renowned as one of the largest sporting goods retailer in the world with more than 2100 outlets in 56 countries. But, how does they manage everything, and how did it grow so exponentially?

The answer lies in their business model, as the Decathlon completes manages the entire operation on its own, which includes research, design, production, logistics, distribution of its products in-house, marketing its own brands directly to consumers in Decathlon-branded big-box stores.

As per the resource, Decathlon operates with over 100+ outlets across India and also outsources its products from 95 factories that indirectly employing more than 70,000 people. It manages its complete stocks with over 4+ warehouses and 8 partner factories.

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Decathlon – The Journey

Decathlon started its ambitious journey in Bengaluru, India in 2009 by incorporating its big-format niche retail, and soon expanded their outlets in major Indian cities like Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and Chandigarh. Their entire outlets had received a great response, and that also forced the chain to pour-in extra cash to boost expansion.

Currently, the chain offers over 6000+ product range for over 60+ sports that includes equipment for sports like Badminton, Cricket, Football, and etc.

Key facts about Decathlon

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameDecathlon
2IndustrySporting goods retailer
3Founded1976 in Lille, France
4Founders Or Parent Company Michel Leclercq
5Corporate HeadquartersFrance
6Number of locationsOver 2000+
7Area servedWorldwide
8ModelCompany-owned & Operated
9Product offeringSports wear, accessories, Gym
activewear and equipment
10Revenue13.8 billion euros

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Does Decathlon allows franchise stores in India? | Does Decathlon give franchise?

The word answer is – No. Decathlon doesn’t work on franchising model, and their all outlets are company-owned and operated. It follows a company-owned and company-operated(COCO) business model, which allows them to have better control over its quality products, services, and consistent customer experience.

There could be several reasons for not offering franchising in India;

  1. Brand consistency:
    • As a renowned brand, Decathlon may want to maintain strict control over its brand image and customer experience, and that could be difficult if they opt for franchising.
  2. Quality control:
    • Quality, affordability, and innovation helps decathlon to stay ahead in the highly competitive market. It also owns and partners with few factories that produces high quality product for them.
  3. Sustain growth plan:
    • Decathlon believes in expanding its outlet at a sustain pace without relying on franchising.
  4. Business model:
    • The chain completely manages its designing, manufacturing, and selling its products directly to consumers, which could be difficult to replicate through franchising.

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How much does a Decathlon Franchise cost in India?

Decathlon Franchise cost

Although, As per Decathlon Sports India CEO, Steve Dykes, India is a priority country that have been operating over 100+ outlets in India, and with more outlets to be planted in the near future may create tremendous opportunities for aspiring candidates. But, can you own it? No, you can’t, because for that company has to offer franchising.

Alternatively, It is advised for the candidates to look out for other sports retail franchising, which may cost a total initial investment of ₹50 lacs to ₹3 Crores. It may involve the fees, such as Franchise fee, setup fees, equipment fee, and initial stocking cost.

Moreover, We wanted to inform you know that most of the highly valued franchises such as Zudio, DMart, and Reliance Smart point are owned and run by company itself.

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How much is Decathlon Franchise Profit Margin?

It certainly depends on the outlet’s geographical location, average customer footfall at the outlet. Additionally, Decathlon, being a renowned sporting retail chain may be generating a hefty profit margins from its operations.

Nevertheless, considering its complete control over Manufacturing, procurement, outsourcing, humongous inventory may help decathlon to earn over 12-18% of net profit margin from its single outlet. There are several other aspects that supports its robust profitability, and some of them are mentioned below;

  1. Company-owned and operated chain
  2. Complete control over its quality and services
  3. A wide range of product portfolio
  4. In-house production capabilities
  5. Enormous Inventory and much more

Can I Own a Quechua Franchise?

No, you can’t own it. Quechua is one of the trademarked product of Decathlon that mainly offers hiking and camping apparel and equipment. It was founded in 1997 by Decathlon, and its name comes from the Quechua people, who live in the Andes Mountains of South America.

It also specializes in producing quality, affordable, and functional outdoor gear for hiking, camping, and trekking. Their products includes sleeping bags, backpacks, clothing, tents, and other accessories that are sold in Decathlon stores worldwide.

Is Decathlon a Indian Company?

Is Decathlon a Indian company

Unfortunately, No. As mentioned earlier in this post, Decathlon is one of leading and rapidly growing sporting retail chain that has a robust network of its outlets presence across worldwide. They are present more over 50 plus country namely, India, Germany, France, Malaysia, Spain, Italy, Turkey, South Africa, Philippines, and many more.

While, there are huge demand for its franchise program, but it is quite sad that, they don’t offer any franchising opportunities, as all of their stores are company-owned and operated.

How to Get Decathlon Franchise in India?

There is no legitimate way to own a Decathlon store in India, its entire outlets are managed and owned by the company itself. In a simple word, Decathlon has never opted for a franchising program, and we have mentioned multiple reasons for it(please read above mentioned topic).

Usually, A Franchise like Decathlon may require a huge carpet area of at least 2500 sq feet to 4000 sq feet with an initial investment ask for at least ₹1Crore to ₹5 Crore, where majority of its investment goes into Inventory.

Final Takeaway – Summary

Started its India’s operation in 2009 by opening its first outlet in Bengaluru, and quickly expanding over 100+ stores while covering major cities, Decathlon has positioned itself as a renowned and leading sporting retail chain that primarily produces quality, affordable, and durable products such as Clothing, gym equipment, tents, and accessories for trekking and camping.

The chain is primarily focusing its expansion strategy while maintaining sustainable growth and without franchising. There have been multiple queries on its franchise, but unfortunately, Decathlon hasn’t approved and opted franchising option for its stores expansion across the globe.

The Bottom line – In case you are interested in the Apparel and Sporting Industry and want to take advantage of the opportunity with Decathlon, then unfortunately Decathlon franchising may not be for you.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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  1. Does Decathlon offer franchise?

    Ans: No, Decathlon doesn’t have franchising program in place, and all of their outlets are company-owned and operated.

  2. Who Owns decathlon in India?

    Ans: Decathlon is one of world’s renowned sporting retail chain that is owned and operated by company itself. Its stores are huge- sprawling over at least 4000 square feet.



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