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How to Get Zara Franchise in India? – Cost & Profit

Are you an experienced entrepreneur from Apparel Industry? Have you been searching around for a reliable information on Zara Business in India? Or, Are you a fan of Zara Products and its quality? Are you seeking an franchise opportunity with Zara in India?

If you have answered “yes” for any of the query, you should be curious to understand more about the Zara Apparels business and its growth prospects in India that has created quite a wave among its consumers.

In this exciting series of blog, we’ll be covering an in-depth article on Zara Franchise in India, along with its cost, fee, profit margin – and answer some of the most asked questions on this chain.

The apparel industry is certainly growing at a rapid pace in India and the penetration of several international players has made this industry quite exciting, and Zara is one of them, which is being owned and operated by Trent Group in India.

ZARA Franchise Opportunity
  • Company: Zara
  • Founded: 1975
  • HQ: Artexio, Galicia, Spain
  • Industry: Fashion & Apparel
  • No. of outlet: 2000+ worldwide
  • Model: Self-owned entity
  • Area served: Worldwide
  • Franchise Fee: NA
  • Area Required: Min. 2000 sq ft
  • Total Initial Investment: ₹ 2 Crores to 3 Crores

Overview of Zara Franchise in India

ZARA Franchise in India

Founded in 1975 by Spanish Entrepreneur Amancio Ortega, Zara is one of the World’s renowned and leading, and popular Spanish Multinational apparel chains, specializes in offering a wide array of clothing, accessories, shoes, beauty products, and perfumes.

The Chain made an astonishing and flourishing entry into the Indian market in 2010 through a strategic partnership with Tata Group, a leading conglomerate, which is being operated by Inditex Trent Retail India Private Limited (ITRIPL), an associate of the Company, is engaged in operation of Zara stores in India.

Its strategic alliances helped Zara’s expansion across major cities in India, bringing its trendy and affordable fashion to Indian consumers. As an interesting side note, Zara opened its first outlet in 2010 in India, but the company has already opened multiple locations abroad.

Currently, the chain boast over 2000+ retail outlet in more than 96 countries and will continue to expand to more locations in upcoming years.

With a population of over 1.3 billion people, India boasts a vibrant and rapidly growing evolving fashion market. Moreover, the continuous growing apparel demand, diverse customer base with varying fashion preferences, and increased disposable income have fueled the growth of brands like Zara in India.

Does the little snippet on Zara’s business excite you to become its franchise partner? You may need to learn more about it as we have a few more interesting topics to cover, and answer one of the most asked questions – Does it offer a franchise in India?

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Zara Franchise Opportunity – The Journey

As mentioned earlier, Zara’s aspirational journey started in 2010 with a single store launch in India through a strategic partnership(49:51) with Tata Group and Inditex International(Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A.) to being one of the most loved and premium apparel chain to generate a total income is ₹2562.50 Crores in FY22 is certainly inspiring.

Key Facts on Zara

Sr No.TypePublic
1Trade NameZara, Trent
2IndustryApparel and Fashion
3FoundedEntered in India in 2010
4Founders Or Parent CompanyAmancio Ortega
5Corporate HeadquartersArtexio, Galicia, Spain
6Number of locationsOver 2000 in 96 countries
7Area servedWorldwide
8ModelNot a Franchise
9Product offeringclothing, accessories, shoes,
beauty products, and perfumes
10Revenue₹2562.50 Crores in FY22

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Can you buy a Zara Franchise?

Can you Buy A Zara Franchise

After all that initial background, we have reached one of the most frequently asked questions about Zara: Does Zara offer franchises?

The simple and straightforward answer is: No, Zara doesn’t offer franchises to any entrepreneur or individual, as all of its outlets are company-owned and operated.

Primarily in India, Zara has forayed through a strategic alliance with Trent Group and Inditex Global. While Inditex holds 51%, Trent Group owns a 49% equity.

Trent Group is also one of the master franchises of the Zudio apparel chain in India(we have seen a massive demand for this), which competes with international brands like H&M.

Today, Inditex Trent Retail India Private Limited (ITRIPL) owns and operates more than 20 franchises across 11 cities in India.

Zara Franchise USP | Why Consider Owning a Zara Franchise?

It is 100% true that a business without a unique selling proposition (USP) couldn’t last longer or may go out of business in a few years. But it is not the case with Zara. We are going to list a few major USP’s of Zara that may help you understand the apparel industry in a better way;

  1. Expertise in Fast Fashion:
    • Zara has been in the industry for more than 45+ years that provided them ability to swiftly respond to the latest fashion trends. Their robust supply chain and in-house production allow them to bring new designs regularly.
  2. Affordable pricing:
    • Trent, Zara’s partner in India, understands the market very well and despite offering fashionable and quality garments, Zara quotes competitive pricing, garnering a wide range of customers, from fashion enthusiasts to budget-conscious shoppers.
  3. Unmatched trendy designs
    • Almost of the Zara’s products are instant hit among its consumers, and its commitment to staying ahead of curve and delivering trend-setting designs gives them edges over its competitors.
  4. Best-in-class store experience:
    • Believe it or not, in-store experience plays a vital role in outlet’s or franchises success in the country, and Zara has mastered in it. To be precise, Zara stores are well-designed with a proper layout and strategic product placement helps them to provide customers with an engaging and interactive shopping experience.
  5. Tech-enabled growth:
    • The franchise embraces technology and utilizes advanced inventory, RFID tagging, and data analytics to optimize stock level to enhance customer experience and streamline operations.

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How much does a Zara Franchise Cost in India?

ZARA Franchise Cost

The initial setup cost for a Zara location in India can only be estimated as it doesn’t embrace the franchising concept.

However, the total investment for starting a franchise like Zara may vary depending on factors such as location, store size, and market conditions.

Nevertheless, to become an approved Zara franchise, one may need to have an investment of at least ₹2 crores to ₹3 crores.

It is also important to mention that the initial investment in Zara retail includes various components like franchise fees, inventory costs, the outlet’s construction or renovation expenses, and working capital.

EssentialsCapital required and other details
Key product offeringClothing, Footwear, Perfumes, and more
Space requiredMin. 3000 – 6000 sq. ft.
Franchise ModelJoint venture b/w Trent Group and Inditex global
Year and City of Establishment2010 in New Delhi, India
Number of franchise outlet and City20 Store in 11 Cities
Return on Investment30-36 months
Return on Capital Employed60% at Store level
Total Initial Investment₹2 Cr to ₹3 Cr

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How much is Zara Franchise Profit Margin in India?

Quoting the exact profit margin for a Zara franchise in India, which doesn’t even offer franchising opportunities to an individual, can be challenging. The profitability of an apparel and fashion store depends on several factors, such as location, operational costs, market conditions, and many more.

According to Zara’s official commentary and annual report, the chain posted a net profit of ₹264.30 crore and revenue of ₹2,562.50 crore for the financial year ended on March 31, 2023.

It eventually puts up a jump of 77.66% in profit and 40.42% in revenue. However, in FY22, there were operating 21 stores, which decreased to 20 stores in FY23.

Financial Summary for Zara Franchise

Sr. NoFinancial Year 2023Financial Year 2022
RevenueRs 2,562.50 crore(Jump of 40.42%)Rs 1,815 crore
ProfitRs 264.30 crore(Jump of 77.66%)Rs 148.76 crore
Number of outlets20 outlets in 11 cities21 outlets in 11 cities

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How to Get Zara Franchise in India?

If you have read the complete article and still looking for its franchise, which it doesn’t, you should re-read the complete information. Currently, Zara doesn’t embrace the franchising concept and expands its presence in India through a strategic alliance between Inditex Global and Trent Group.

In case you are super interested in its franchise, place a query on their platform and call them out on its toll-free number.

Official Toll Free Number: 1800 570 1020

Final Takeaway – Conclusion

To sum up everything in a simple line or statement, Zara is certainly a leading and well-known premium apparel and fashion franchise that ventured in India in 2010 through a strategic alliances between Trent Group and Inditex Global. Currently, Zara has over 2000+ outlets across 96 countries worldwide, out of which 20 outlets are present in India.

The franchise has been generating great number of revenue every year and its profit margin have also jumped over 40+ since last year. Its ultimate fashion range, affordable pricing, and robust supply chain system has built them super strong and unshakeable in highly competitive market.

For an aspiring entrepreneur, we would like to inform that Zara may be a great business and exciting brand but doesn’t offer any franchising opportunity to any individuals. Zara has been targeting tier-1 market in India and on a mission to build an outstanding and customer-centric brand.

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  1. How much does it cost to Start a Zara Franchise in India?

    To be precise, Zara doesn’t offer its franchises. However, an International apparel brand like Zara in India will cost around ₹2 Crore to ₹3 Crore with a floor area of min. 3000 sq feet.

  2. Is Zara Franchise Profitable?

    Yes, The chain has been performing exceptionally well and delivering healthy profit and revenue numbers over the years. Zara offers a wide range of premium and luxury apparel and fashion products at an affordable pricing that helps them cater to demand of fashion enthusiasts across the globe.

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