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How to Start a Keventers Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit

If you have been passionately searching for a Ice cream or the dessert franchise to get on with your entrepreneurial dream, then you should be definitely reading this complete post.

We’ll be covering extensive post on Keventers franchise, which will unveil some of the interesting aspects of decade long ice cream franchise. As our beloved reader, you’ll get on the detail of Keventers business model, its setup cost, estimated profit margin, and much more.

Keventers Franchise opportunities
  • Space required: Min. 250-300 Sq. ft.
  • Franchise Fee: Rs. 9 lakh
  • Royalty Fee: Unknown
  • Setup and Other expenses: Rs. 2-2.5 lakhs
  • Agreement Period: 5 years
  • Security Deposit: Rs. 1 lakh
  • Contractor Fee: Rs. 7-7.5 lakh
  • Equipment: Rs. 7-7.5 lakh
  • Total Initial Investment: Rs. 25-30 lakhs

Understanding the Food and Beverages Industry Growth Prospects

Food and Beverages is one of the rapidly growing industries in India, which has been experiencing tremendous growth in since last few years. Several factors contribute to the industry’s growth, including exposure to healthy drinks, affordable prices, better health benefits, and the best alternative to soft drinks.

According to Imarc Group Research, the Indian milkshake market was estimated to be worth Rs. 4.3 billion in 2021 and is projected to expand to Rs. 13.9 billion by 2027, registering a remarkable CAGR growth of 21.6% over the forecast period of 2021–2027.

Overview of Keventers Franchise

overview of Keventers franchise

Keventers, started as a dairy farm in 1894, acquired a brand name from its founder Edward Keventer, then passed ownership on to Ramakrishna Dalmia (at the time, an industrialist).

Agastya and Aman (supervised by Sohrab Sitaram) took over the business in 2015 and evolved it into a market leader in food and beverages. They are known to serve a range of healthy drinks such as Milkshakes, Cold coffee, Sundaes, and many more varieties of it.

To know more about their menus, please click here.

With more than 250 outlets across multiple locations and robust expansion plan across domestic and international market will enable the interested applicants to grab the opportunity to join in the ever-growing F&B industry.

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Benefits of Owning a Keventers Franchise

Keventers Franchise Cost

Considering the industry growth potential and its prospects, owning a Beverages and Desserts franchise will be quite beneficial. However, We have already mentioned about the F&B industry growth prospects.

Do you need more reason to own this franchise? Consider reading further;

  1. Experience and Expertise:
    • The chain brings in more than six decade of experience and expertise with them, which enables the interested applicants to run this franchise seamlessly.
  2. Varieties and Affordability:
    • Keventers offers a range of products at affordable prices under its menus, allowing the newly opened franchisee outlets to attract a new set of consumers in their city and ultimately generate an impressive profit margin.
  3. End-To-End Support:
    • The franchise provides a complete support for interested applicants to open an outlets.
      • Their premium support includes site selection, Interior design planning, branding and promotion, Inauguration, and other required backing.
  4. Low Investment and High return:
    • Keventers offers higher profit margin at low investment of around Rs. 30 lakhs and one can anticipate a payback period of 18-24 months.

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How much does a Keventers Franchise Cost?

The cost for starting a Keventers outlet may depend on several factors, such as, outlet’s geographical location, available floor area, and investment required to furnish the space.

Moreover, the initial investment for Keventers chain includes the franchise fee, equipment costs, leasehold improvements, and working capital.

One can take up this franchise based on their investment budget. Generally, the Keventers offers the outlets formats for FOFO(Franchisee Owned and Franchise Operated) model.

How much is the Keventers Franchise Fee?

The franchise fee of Keventers is approximately ₹9 lakhs, which can be paid by the franchisee in three years(very rare to find out franchises like this). In addition to that, the franchise may also demand a security deposit fee of ₹1 lakhs(refundable)

Below is the cost involved for same,

EssentialsCost and other descriptions
Space requiredMin. 250-300 sq. ft.
Security FeeRs. 1 lakh, Refundable
Franchise FeeRs. 9 lakh(Can be paid in three years)
Royalty Fee-Unknown-
Contractor FeeRs. 7-7.5 lakh
Territory Protection5 K.M
Setup Cost and Other expensesRs. 2-2.5 lakh
Machinery and EquipmentRs. 7-7.5 lakh
Agreement Term5 Years
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 25-30 lakhs

The overall cost to setup a Keventers franchise in India will be approx. Rs. 25-30 lakhs which includes franchise fees of Rs. 9 lakhs.

How Much is a Keventers Franchise Profit Margin?

Being an established player in this industry, the franchise offers a better profit margin on its investment to the franchisee unitholders. To elaborate more on the profit margin, please read further;

Below profit estimates is considered on certain scenario such as;

  • City: Tier 2 and Tier 3
  • Location: High Visibility area
  • Floor Area: Min. 200 sq. ft.
  • Average sales/month: Rs. 3 lakh
EssentialsCost and other descriptions
RentRs. 25000
SalaryRs. 25000(For 3 staff)
Other ExpensesRs. 20000
Total expensesRs. 70000
Total Estimated RevenueRs. 3 lakh
Gross Margin30-35%
Estimated Net Margin15-18%
Payback Period18-24 Months

Based on the above analysis, with an estimated revenue of Rs. 3 lakhs, one can anticipate a net profit margin of 15-18%, i.e., Rs. 50,000-65,000 per month(after all cost cuts).

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How to Get a Keventers Franchise?

To get a Keventers outlet, one has to visit their official website and mail the necessary details to them. The highlighted link will navigate you to Contact us page.

One can also connect with franchise team on below mentioned details.

Official details of Keventers Franchise

4th Floor, The Hub, PLOT NO 66, Okhla Phase III, B Block, Pocket-4, Rangpuri Extension, New Delhi, Delhi 110020

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!


Started as a Dairy farm in 1894 followed by multiple ownership transfers and later led by: Agastya and Aman in 2015, Keventers is one of the oldest and leading food and beverages chains. They are renowned to serve authentic and delicious varieties of Milkshakes, Sundaes, Hot Chocolates, Cold Coffee, and much more.

Currently, they have more than 250 outlets across forty cities in India. They have also expanded its outlets to Dubai, which makes their first steps towards global expansion.

It also offers a franchise program for interested prospects with an initial investment of -approx. Rs. 25-30 lakhs for an outlets of 250-300 sq. ft. & in return, provides an impressive net profit margin of 15-18%.

Given the sector and chain’s projected future growth as well as the franchise profit margin, we would unquestionably advise prospective candidates to start this franchise systematically.

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  1. How much does it cost to Start a Keventers franchise?

    To set up a Keventers outlet will cost you approx. Rs. 25-30 lakhs. Below are the details for same;

    Space required: Min. 250-300 Sq. ft.
    Franchise Fee: Rs. 9 lakh
    Royalty Fee: Unknown
    Setup and Other expenses: Rs. 2-2.5 lakhs
    Agreement Period: 5 years
    Security Deposit: Rs. 1 lakh
    Contractor Fee: Rs. 7-7.5 lakh
    Machinery and Equipment: Rs. 7-7.5 lakh
    Total Initial Investment: Rs. 25-30 lakhs

  2. Is Keventers Franchise Profitable?

    Yes! Definitely. Considering the Keventers store’s investment, profit margin and ROI, one can certainly take up this franchise and make earn at least Rs. 50000-70000 per month and expect a payback period of 18-24 months.

    However, we recommend our reader to do their market and growth analysis of concerned franchise, before taking up the same.

  3. How to process Keventers franchise?

    To get a Keventers outlet, one has to simply mail their franchise query at or contact them at +91 11 4979 1000. However, One should know that the entire franchise process will take around 45-60 days.

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