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Is Five Star Chicken Franchise Profitable? – How to Start, Cost, Fee

For all you chicken munchers, today we have brought an interesting franchise business – The five Star Chicken franchise. We all love chicken, don’t we? How about taking this love to another level by opting for this?

In this article, we’ll dive deep in to Five Star Chicken chain with capital requirements, fee, profit, and step-by-step guidelines to get this franchise – and answer some common questions about the chain.

We assure you that, after reading this complete article, you would be in a position to choose the BEST AVAILABLE FOOD FRANCHISE, and certainly help you take an informed decision on the Five Star Chicken chain.

5 star chicken franchise store
  • Franchise Fee or Initial Fee: Rs. 4-5 lacs
  • Floor Area: 100-150 sq. ft.
  • Profit: 30-35%
  • ROI: 2 years
  • Licenses: FSSAI, GST, Shop agreement
  • Total Initial Investment: Rs. 8-10 lacs

Overview of Five Star Chicken Franchise

Five star chicken franchise cost

Established in 1985 in Thailand, under the parent company – A CP Food PCL brand, Five star chicken is one of the successful and experienced players in this quick service restaurant industry. Seeding its first crop way back in 2012 in Bengaluru, India, there was no looking back ever since.

With over 1100+ outlets across various cities in India, they have established themselves as a prominent name in this industry. In addition to delicious fried chicken, chicken nuggets, fingers, hot & crispy chicken burgers, the chain offers a variety of other snacks as well.

Some of its feature of its global brand:

In addition to their vast experience and expertise, Five Star brings a lot of knowledge to the table.

Presently, the parent company, which also includes Five Star, has outlets in nine countries (Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Malaysia, China, Bangladesh, and India), has been in business for more than 27 years, has over 7000 outlets, and sells internationally in more than 50 countries.

Five Star Chicken franchise opportunity

Please continue reading if you are passionate about Chicken franchises & this little snippet about the Five Star Chicken chain excites you.

We will offer comprehensive and well-researched information regarding the Five Star Chicken chain, along with its price, fees, profit margin, and—most importantly—the reason “Why” you need it.

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Five Star Chicken – The Journey

The journey of setting up its first outlet in 2012 in Bengaluru to serve varieties of Thai-inspired cuisine at an affordable price to making a robust franchise chain of more than 1100 outlets across multiple indian cities that serves approximately five lacs consumers per day is really inspiring.

Key facts of Five Star Chicken

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameFive Star Chicken
2Parent CompanyCP Food PCL
3IndustryFood & Beverages(Primarily serves Chicken products)
4Founded1985, and 2012(In India)
5FoundersMr. Sanjeev Pant(Vice president)
6Headquarters#841/1,Binnamangala 1st stage 100 feet road,
Indiranagar, Bangalore -560038
7Number of locationsOver 1100 franchised locations
8Area servedAcross multiple indian cities
10Menus fried chicken, chicken nuggets, fingers,
hot & crispy chicken burgers
11SalesOver $13B Sales in
Agro and Food Industry globally

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Benefits of Owning a Five Star Chicken Franchise

Considering the enormous growth potential in the food & beverages industry, opening a five star chicken outlet can definitely benefit its franchise owner.

There could be multiple thought running through your head. But don’t worry! We are here to clear your doubt and assist you to make an informed decision.

Now the question arises, why should someone prefer to open a 5 Star Chicken franchise over any other chains such as Burgrill, Wow Momo, Burger Singh, Xero Degrees or any other food franchise?

There could be multiple reasons to start a Five Star Chicken outlet, but we have highlighted a few prominent features supporting the ownership of this franchise.

  1. Varieties in menus:
    • 5 Star chicken chain is renowned for offering a wide range of affordable chicken products under its menus that helps them delicious chicken products and garner a huge customer base.
  2. Experience and Expertise:
    • Five Star chicken chain brings in vast expertise of over 30 years with them, which helps them to understand the market needs and innovate its menus accordingly.
  3. Robust supply chain:
    • Five Star Chicken franchise offers a robust supply chain for its entire products ranges, which helps the new franchise owner to deliver same flavor across its outlets.
  4. Low investment and higher return:
    • The franchise may offer a reasonable return for your investment. One can certainly expect to earn at least gross margin of 35-40%.
  5. Strong social media presence:
    • 5 Star chicken chain has strong social presence over several media platform, which helps them to build robust customer base and attract new consumers to its outlet.
Five Star Chicken franchise awards

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How much does a Five Star Chicken Franchise Cost?

To start a Five star Chicken franchise, one would at least require an initial investment of Rs. 4-5 lacs and a minimum space of 100-150 sq. ft with a minimum store frontage of 10-15 ft.

Furthermore, Before choosing a location for a 5 Star chicken outlet, one must do the extensive market research and understand the market potential and its growth prospects for chosen area/city.

Five Star Chicken Franchise Fee

5 Star Chicken does require an initial investment of Rs. 4-5 lacs, which includes franchise fee, marketing fee, interior & exterior shop build up, and etc.

Please do note that there are several other cost involved in setting up a 5 Star chicken outlets and one should keep a few extra cash ready to accommodate sudden expenses.

EssentialsCost and its details
Franchise Fee or Initial FeeRs. 4-5 lacs
Floor Area100-150 sq. ft.
Profit Margin30-35%
ROI2 years
LicensesFSSAI, GST, Shop agreement
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 8-10 lacs

Nevertheless, there are other cost what franchisee unit holder has to take care are : tile flooring, kitchen partition, Interior or furnishing cost, painting, rent, and employee salary to setup a 5 Star chicken kiosk.

Ideally, A Five Star Chicken franchise cost in India will be approx. 8-10 lacs.

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Is Five Star Chicken Franchise profitable?

Is Five star chicken franchise profitable?

The profitability is the key factor of any business, and everyone wants their franchise to give business for long term.

However, the five star chicken franchise profit depends on several factors such as outlet’s geographical location, average customer footfall, franchisee capabilities, but on an average a franchisee owner may anticipate to make a gross profit margin of 30-35% and a net profit margin of 15-20%.

Furthermore, considering its brand value, outlets presence, and expertise of over 30 years will certainly benefit its interested franchisee prospect to achieve a good profit margin for its business.

Note: Rather than opening new outlets every now and then, the chain focuses on creating more profitable ones. They have learnt from their mistakes, which they may have committed in past. – Check this economics times report.

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Requirements to own a Five Star Chicken franchise

  • A shop or kiosk with a minimum space of 100-150 sq. ft. with proper electricity and water supply.
  • Interested applicants should be willing to work in the food and beverages industry and must meet the initial financial requirement of Rs. 4-5 lacs.
  • One should consider to open an outlet at some of these preferred location such as –
    • hypermarkets
    • Near college/universities
    • Busy streets
    • Gas/Petrol stations
    • Tech parks
    • Township or high rise society/apartments
    • Multiplex and etc.

Documents required

  • Aadhar/ Pan Card Photocopy
  • Outlet Pinned location
  • GST/ Trade License for firm
  • FSSAI Licenses
  • Other government license, if necessary
  • Shop agreement

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How to Open a Five Star Chicken franchise?

Getting a Five Star Chicken franchise requires a low investment and in return offers an impressive profit, ROI and great work life balance. Nevertheless, considering its expertise, 5 Star Chicken offer several benefits, and interested candidates can take up franchise outlet locally.

To get a Five Star Chicken franchised outlet, please visit their official website and fill in the required details in franchise form.

Fill in the Name, Email ID, Phone number, addresses, city, pin code, and other requested details.

Once you submit the necessary details, the 5 Star Chicken sales team will review your application and contact you based on their location feasibility.

Final Takeaway

Five Star Chicken is one of the successful, rapidly growing, and niche food outlets, that primarily serves delicious fried chicken, chicken nuggets, fingers, hot & crispy chicken burgers, and other snacks. It has a robust franchise network of more than 1100 retail units and more units planned for future expansion.

Interested applicants can open a Five Star Chicken franchised outlets with a Initial investment fee of Rs. 4-5 lacs, for a minimum space of 100-150 sq. ft. Furthermore, the franchisee may expect a healthy gross profit margin of 30-35% and a net profit margin of 15-20%.

The bottom line -:

If you are interested in the Food and Beverages industry(Especially Chicken products), then setting up a Five Star Outlet can be profitable and may offer you a healthy margin and future growth. However, there are other Food franchise, which we believe you should check out.

Some of them are –  Mr. TeaSamochaBurgrill, Wow Momo, Burger Singh, Xero Degrees

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  1. How much does it cost to start a Five Star Chicken franchise?

    Ans: To start a Five star chicken franchise, one would at least require an initial investment of Rs. 4-5 lacs for a minimum space of 100-150 sq. ft.

    Franchise Fee or Initial Fee: Rs. 4-5 lacs
    Floor Area: 100-150 sq. ft.
    Profit: 30-35%
    ROI: 2 years
    Licenses: FSSAI, GST, Shop agreement
    Total Initial Investment: Rs. 8-10 lacs

  2. What are the procedure need to start 5 star chicken fast food franchise?

    Ans: One should follow the below instructions to get a 5 Star Chicken fast food franchise;
    * Find a perfect space for outlet(Check the article regarding the outlet location) – 100-150 sq. ft.
    * Make yourself ready to invest in F&B industry and have at least 8-10 lacs.
    * Fill up the franchise form.
    * Do some prior advertising on online/offline channel.

  3. What are the similar franchise for 5 Star Chicken?

    Ans: There are few franchise but not exactly similar to 5 star chicken. They are b Burgrill, Wow Momo, Burger Singh, Xero Degrees, and many more to cover.

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