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Looking to Start a Xero Degrees Franchise? – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Are you looking for a Indianized American Cuisine franchise? Starting a Xero Degrees franchise will be the best option and would certainly conclude your research for same.

In this guide, we’ll dive deep in to Indianized American cuisine industry growth prospects along with the Xero Degrees chain with capital requirements, fee, profit, and step-by-step guidelines to get this franchise – and answer some common questions about the chain.

Xero Degrees Franchise Opportunity
  • Space required: Min. 1000-2000 Sq. ft.
  • Franchise Fee: Rs. 15 lacs
  • Royalty Fee: 8% of Net revenue
  • Marketing Fee: -Nil-
  • Training Fee: -Nil-
  • Other Capital Required: Rs. 5-6 lacs
  • Agreement Period: 5 Years
  • Total Initial Investment: Rs. 45-50 lacs

Understanding the Indianized American cuisine Industry Growth Prospects

Fast food is one of the fastest-growing industries in India, and we have covered several articles on the QSR franchise and fast-food franchises. Almost every chain has seen tremendous growth over the past few years, regardless of the service or product offerings.

Our exposure to western culture, economic liberalization, and increased disposable money all contribute to these industrial booms. However, occasionally I believe that one of the key variables determining the same is an increase in our disposable income.

It is worth to mention that as per recent study from the Mordor Intelligence, the Indian fast food industry is expected to grow at a CAGR rate of 10.51% during the forecast period 2022-2027.

Xero Degrees Snippets

Start a Xero Degrees franchise

Xero Degrees is one of the rising fast food joints in India, known for offering a range of mouth-watering foods such as Pizzas, Pasta, Fries, Coolers, Burgers, and much more. They have a wide presence of over 35 outlets across multiple locations in India.

The brands ‘Xero Degrees’ & ‘Xero Courtyard’ are exclusively owned by Xero Degrees Cafe Private limited.

The journey from serving mouth-watering fast food at its locations in 2018 to expanding to several cities with over 35 locations and more planned for the future is mesmerizing.

Please continue reading if you are passionate about casual fast-food cafes serving American cuisine franchises & this little snippet about the Xero Degrees chain excites you.

We will offer comprehensive and well-researched information regarding the Xero Degrees chain, along with its price, fees, profit margin, and—most importantly—the reason “Why” you need it.

Overview of Xero Degrees Franchise

Overview of Xero Degrees Franchise

Started in 2018 by Kashish Aneja and Shivam Kakkar, Xero Degrees is one of the well-known causal fast-food cafe franchise in India, known for serving lip-smacking Indianized American cuisine. They have a presence of more than 35 outlets across multiple indian cities. Some of their range includes Burgers, Pizzas, Fries, Coolers, Pasta, and much more.

With the further plan of outlet expansion in India and abroad will definitely benefit its franchisee unitholders.

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Why Choose a Xero Degrees Franchise?

Owning this chain would undoubtedly be advantageous, given its potential for future expansion and strong brand recognition. The following are the main benefits of owning this franchise:

  • Expertise In Field: The chain is established and mentored by experienced and visionary founders, which adds considerable value to its brand. Additionally, it allows them to gather and understand the market needs and facilitates innovative changes.
  • Affordability & Varieties In Menu: It is one of the essential elements of the fast-food chain. The ability to offer a variety of menus at a reasonable price offers a competitive edge over its competitors.
  • Higher Profit margin: Xero Degrees chain offers high-profit margins to its franchisee unit holders at a low investment cost. It allows the unit holders to run this franchise seamlessly for a long.
  • Robust Future growth prospects: The chain has established itself as a prominent player in the segment, and with its robust future growth prospects and expansion plan, it will benefit its franchise prospects.

How Much Does a Xero Degrees Franchise Cost?

How Much Does a Xero Degrees Franchise Cost?

This chain’s franchise cost breakdown is pretty straightforward. However, we advise franchise candidates to conduct thorough market and industry analyses since this will give them a better understanding of the sector.

Below is the cost involved in setting up an franchised outlet:

EssentialsCost and other descriptions
Space requiredMin. 1000 – 2000 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 15 lacs
Royalty Fee8% of Net revenue
Marketing Fee-Nil-
Training Fee-Nil-
Agreement Period5 Years, Renewable
Total Initial InvestmentRs. 35-40 lacs

As per the above data, Xero degrees franchise cost in India will be approx. Rs. 45-50 lacs. This extra addition to the initial investment includes other capital required to operate this business for starting few months.

Xero Degrees Franchise Profit Margin

Is Xero Degrees Franchise Profitable

One must understand that the profitability of any franchise is not assured, and it depends on several variables, such as the location of the outlet, the surrounding community, the state of the market, and other expenses.

However, one can expect a profit margin of around 25-30%. This profit margin is subject to market conditions & one should have a basic understanding of operating a business at a lower expense.

Below are the expenses involved in running a franchise:

  • Rent expenses: Rs. 40000-50000
  • Employee Salary: Rs. 40000(Min. 4 staff) — Taken care by the franchise team
  • Electricity: Rs. 10000
  • Water: Rs. 5000
  • Other miscellaneous expenses: Rs. 15000

Document required for Xero Degrees Franchise

Interested prospects should be able to produce the original documents like,

  • Pan Card/ Aadhar card
  • Bank Passbook
  • Business’s GST Certificate/Registration Certificate
  • Franchise agreement
  • Passport size photos
  • Address proof of site
  • 360 degree view/video of proposed location
  • NOC or Other requested document

Xero Degrees franchise Support

Below is the key supports offered by this chain,

  • Registrations / licenses
  • Site selection and assessment
  • Store layout design and setup – Includes Interior designing
  • Procurement of equipment
  • Operational support for sourcing raw material and other supplies
  • Marketing and Promotions on online and offline channels
  • Current IT systems being used (POS / Inventory Management Module, CCTV Monitoring, etc.) included in all the franchise models
  • Quality check support
  • End to End Management Support

Official Details of Xero Degrees franchise

Xero Degrees franchise contact number+91 87440 66752
Xero Degrees franchise Email
Main addressM-37, Near 38 Barracks, Connaught Place,
New Delhi, India, Delhi

How to get Xero Degrees Franchise?

Once you are ready with the Xero Degrees chain’s financial and site requirements and prepared to take up this franchise, you need to visit the official website franchise form. The highlighted link will navigate you to the franchise page. There is an application form tab where you must fill up the necessary information.

You should fill up the required details like 

  • Name
  • Email ID
  • Mobile Number
  • Country
  • City
  • State
  • Current Profession
  • Prior Franchise Experience
  • and your budgets

After form submission, somebody from the Xero Degrees sales team will contact you via call/Email for further processing. Please do note that, the complete franchising process may take 30-45 days.

Xero Degrees Franchise Application Process

  • Filling up the application form
  • Approval Process – Takes around 72 hours
  • Location Scouting – Site inspection and growth analysis
  • Construction and Designing – By Third-party vendors
  • Store opening – Takes around 60-75 days
  • On Job training – At your outlets
  • On going Support – Includes Marketing, operational, and other necessary supports.

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!


Started in 2018 by Kashish Aneja and Shivam Kakkar, Xero degrees is one of India’s most popular casual fast-food chains. They are known for offering mouth-watering and lip-smacking Indianized American cuisines such as Burgers, Pizzas, Fries, Coolers, Pasta, and much more.

They have acquired a significant market share since its inception. They currently operate more than 35 outlets in India, with plans to expand further. It also offers a franchise program for interested prospects with an initial investment of approx. Rs. 35-40 lacs & in return, provides an impressive profit margin of 25-30%.

Considering its higher royalty fee, I recommend interested applicants conduct an extensive site analysis(preferable posh area with high footfall) and assess its future growth potential. To experience steady growth, applicants should dedicate at least 3-5 years.

That’s it from my side. Friends, I sincerely believe that my guide on “Start a Xero Degrees Franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit” was quite extensive, helpful, and educational, but if you’d need more details, you can check out the franchise’s official website. If you like this piece, kindly let me know by leaving a comment and spreading the word to as many of your friends as you can; Your comments offer us more inspiration to keep producing high-quality material for you. Many thanks.

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  1. How much does it cost to start a Xero Degrees franchise?

    Ans: The cost involved in setting up Xero Degrees outlet franchise will be ₹ 45 lakh to ₹ 50 lakhs, and some of other details are listed below,

    Space required: Min. 1000-2000 Sq. ft.
    Franchise Fee: Rs. 15 lacs
    Royalty Fee: 8% of Net revenue
    Marketing Fee: -Nil-
    Training Fee: -Nil-
    Other Capital Required: Rs. 5-6 lacs
    Agreement Period: 5 Years
    Total Initial Investment: Rs. 45-50 lacs

  2. Is Xero Degrees franchise profitable?

    Ans: Any franchise’s profitability depends on several variables, including market conditions, site location, and consumer traffic. However, according to the official website, a profit margin of 25% to 30% is reasonable.

    However, to attain this number, one has to operate this franchise for a minimum period of 3 years with proper marketing strategies.

  3. How much does a Xero Degrees franchise owners make?

    Ans: Based on resources available over internet and its official website, One can anticipate a profit margin of 25-30% with a initial investment of Rs. 30-35lacs

  4. How much time is required to complete the entire application process for Xero degrees?

    Ans: The complete application process involves steps from filling up the application form to Store opening and further ongoing support. This entire application procedure will last for at least 60-75 days.

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