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How to Start a Dr Lal path lab franchise – Cost, Fee, & Profit

Are you looking for an on-demand healthcare & diagnostic chain and would like to contribute in the ever-growing healthcare Industry? Starting a Dr Lal Path Lab Franchise will be the best option and would end your research.

In this article, we’ll dive deep in to Dr Lal Path Lab franchise with capital requirements, fee, profit, and step-by-step guidelines to get this franchise – and answer some common questions about the chain.

  • Brand : Lal Pathlabs
  • Founded: 1949
  • Industry: Healthcare
  • HQ: Haryana
  • Franchise Fee or deposit Fee: Rs. 1 Lacs
  • Floor Area: 200-250 sq. ft.
  • Profit/Commission: 20%
  • ROI: 12-15 months
  • Total Initial InvestmentRs. 3-4 lacs

There is a saying in medical – “When a diagnosis is accurate and made in a timely manner, a patient has the best opportunity for a positive health outcome because clinical decision making will be tailored to a correct understanding of the patient’s health problem”

Or, In simple words, if you reports are accurate, better the chances are for patient’s timely recovery. According to the Praxis Global Alliance, The Indian medical diagnostic industry is expected to grow at around 14 per cent touching $20 billion by 2026 from $10 billion in 2021.

The Indian medical diagnostic industry has emerged as a prominent player in India’s rapidly growing healthcare sector. This rapid expansion is partly due to attractive margins and great scope for future growth. To learn more, please check out the business today link.

Overview of Dr Lal Path Lab Franchise

Dr Lal Path lab franchise

Founded in 1949 by S. K. Lal, Dr Lal path lab is one of India’s largest and rapidly growing healthcare and diagnostic chains. Based out of Delhi, the chain offers over 5000 diagnostic tests, related healthcare tests, and other services through a vast network of diagnostic centers nationwide.

By delivering the most accurate reports over the years through sheer expertise, advanced tools, and consistent results, Dr. Lal Path Labs has earned the reputation of being amongst the most trustworthy and reliable pathology labs in India.

With the bold mission to be the undisputed market leader by providing accessible, affordable, timely and quality healthcare diagnostics, applying insights and cutting edge technology to create value for all stakeholders has helped the chain to acquire a significant market share in diagnostic space.

Please continue reading if you are passionate about diagnostic chain & this little snippet about the Dr Lal Path lab excites you.

We will offer comprehensive and well-researched information regarding the Dr Lal Pathlabs franchise, along with its price, fees, profit, and—most importantly—the reason “Why” you need it.

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Key facts of Lal Path labs franchise

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameDr Lal Pathlabs
2IndustryHealthcare & Diagnostics
4FoundersMr. S K Lal
5Headquarters12th Floor, Tower B, SAS Tower, Medicity,
Sector-38, Gurgaon-122001, Haryana
6Number of locationsOver 250 labs,
4,731 Patient Service Centers (PSCs),
and 10,599 Pick-up Points (PUPs)
7Area servedAcross multiple indian cities
and abroad
9Services offeringDiagnostic and other healthcare tests
10RevenueINR 2,087.4 Cr

Why Consider Owning a Dr Lal Path lab Franchise? | USP

Dr Lal Pathlabs franchise cost

If you have reached to this section and still searching for promising reasons to start a Dr Lal path lab diagnostic chain, then let me simplify it for. However, We believe that, you have checked the potential growth of indian medical sector, which we have mentioned above in this article.

In this section, we would try to explain specific USP or reason to start this chain. Let’s us jump in;

  1. Experienced and Qualified Team:
    • Being one of the top player, Dr Lal Path Labs has a very strong focus on hiring and retaining top quality manpower to drive their different departments within and outside the labs.
    • The chain has a qualified team of 147 pathology specialists, 8 Radiologists, 13 Microbiologists, 5 Biochemists and 11 specialists with doctorate degrees.
  2. Consistently delivering quality results:
    • The chain focuses on providing patients quality diagnostic healthcare services in India through applying insights and cutting edge technology.
  3. Vast network of diagnostic chains:
    • Lal path has vast network of diagnostic chain across multiple Indian cities.
    • offers access to one of the best diagnostic pathology services in India through our nationwide network of clinical / medical laboratories, lab patient service centers, and pickup points.
  4. Leverage on Laboratory accreditations:
    • Dr Lal Path lab franchise is among the few Indian laboratories which accredited by CAP (College of American Pathologists) and Certified by ISO 9001 (International Organization of Standardization).
    • It is also NABL certified pathology lab in India.
  5. Low Investment and higher profit margin:
    • Starting a Dr Lal Path lab franchise requires a little investment of Rs. 50000 – Rs. 2 lacs and in return offers a profit margin of 20%. It enables the new franchisee owner to work hassle-freely and generate regular income of over Rs.1 lacs* per month.

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How much does a Dr Lal PathLabs Franchise Cost in India?

Dr Lal Pathlabs Franchise cost

The cost of starting a healthcare franchised outlet like Dr Lal Pathlabs will certainly depend in several factors, such as outlet’s geographical location, city, and available floor area.

To start a Dr Lal Path Lab franchise, one would at least require an initial investment of Rs. 3-4 lacs and a dedicated outlet(Floor area: Min. 200-250 sq. ft.) set up at prime location & having good visibility.

It is worth to mention that, the initial investment for Dr Lal path labs would go into expenses, such as Sign up fees, branding fees, and security deposit. It is also advised you to open a DLPL outlets at high street, city center, or near to any hospital or medical hub.

How much is the Dr Lal Pathlabs franchise fee?

The chain may also charge Rs. 1 Lacs as a deposit/franchise fee to become a exclusive Dr Lal path lab(DLPL) collection center. However, there are a few requirements that one should full fill to become a Dr Lal Path lab partner.

EssentialsCost & other details
Franchise Fee Or Deposit FeeRs. 1 Lacs
Floor Area200-250 sq. ft.
Profit/ Commission20%
Payback Period12-15 months
Total InvestmentRs. 3-4 lacs

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How much is Dr Lal PathLabs Franchise Profit?

Dr Lal Pathlabs Franchise Profit

The profit margin is one of the important and major section in the franchise business. larger the profit margin, larger the interest it would attract.

Nevertheless, considering its experience in the healthcare industry, countrywide presence, a large customer base, proven business model, and low startup cost with high profit potential, one may anticipate a healthy profit margin of 12-18% or more.

Usually, Dr Lal Pathlabs offers a 20% of commission on each test done by the franchisee unit holder. On an average, considering the brand value, presence, and great profit margin, one can certainly expect an income of over 1 lacs per month.

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What does it require to become a Dr Lal PathLabs Franchise?

  1. First and most important – One should be financially well-qualified and have good credit to start a Dr Lal Pathlabs center, and should be ready to invest minimum 3 Lakh – ₹4 Lakh, excluding the cost of land.
  2. Applicant should secure an adequate amount of space of at least 200-250 sq feet at a ground floor with toilet facility to put a Lal Pathlabs center in your area.
  3. Interested applicants are advised to dedicate themselves to the DLPL business and follow the company standards and maintain their legacy.
  4. Interested prospects must undergo and complete the necessary training program offered by Apollo Pharmacy team.
  5. Interested franchisees should have a passion to work in the Healthcare industry and should possess the leadership and financial skills to operate a Dr Lal Pathlabs Center.
  6. Interested applicants for Apollo Pharmacy should ideally possess a relevant degree and background experience in the Pharma Industry. Prior experience in the field would be considered an added advantage.

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Dr Lal Path Lab Franchise Support

The franchise provides an extended support to its new franchisees, right from choosing a right location to interior decor, and brand. As a new franchisee, you may leverage brand’s renowned presence across India.

  • Onsite/Offsite Training Support
  • Outlet establishment
  • Field assistance
  • Branding and marketing guidance
  • Training material and its relevant courses

How to get Dr Lal Path Lab Franchise?

Once you meet the Lalpath franchise requirements, getting a DLPL franchise is relatively easy, as long as there are no other DLPL collection centers within a specific area. However, to get Dr Lal Path Lab franchise, interested prospect has to visit its official website and fill in the required details.

To become an approved DLPL partner, one can go ahead with the following steps;

You need to fill in the required details like Name, Email ID, Phone number, State, City, Postal code, Business profession, and other necessary information.

Dr Lal path labs franchise Phone Number : 011 49885050

Key Highlights

Some of its major commentary from its key people:

Brig. Dr. Arvind Lal, Executive Chairman

“India remains a largely underserved market for diagnostics. The scope for growth for
companies like ours is huge and we want to leverage our position as a leading player. At Dr. Lal PathLabs, we see ourselves as a progressive brand and have been at the forefront of integrating technology into our business model. This helps us reduce costs as well as provide a more seamless and cohesive experience to our patients. We continue to invest in latest technologies across medical science and patient service in line with out vision of being the most trusted healthcare partner”

Final Takeaway

Dr Lal Pathlabs is one of India’s largest and rapidly growing healthcare and diagnostic chains. With more than 5000 diagnostics test, healthcare tests, and other services through a network of diagnostic centers has helped this chain to grow enormously across the domestic and international market.

To become a Dr Lal Pathlabs franchise, one may require an investment of Rs. 3-4 lacs and a floor space of 200-250 sq. ft. and can start your entrepreneurial journey. Nevertheless, if you too keen about profitability, then Dr Lal path franchise offers an interesting program for its franchisee owner, and one can certainly expect to earn 20% on each test performed.

Then, what are you waiting for? Go and grab this opportunity and start your entrepreneurship journey.

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  1. How much does it cost to Start a Dr Lal Path labs franchise?

    Ans: To start a Dr Lal Pathlabs franchise, one would at least require an initial investment of Rs. 3-4 lacs for a minimum space of 200-250 sq. ft.

    Franchise Fee or deposit Fee: Rs. 1 Lacs
    Floor Area: 200-250 sq. ft.
    Profit/Commission: 20%
    ROI: 12-15 months
    Total Initial InvestmentRs. 3-4 lacs

  2. Is Dr Lal PathLabs franchise profitable?

    Ans: Absolutely, Yes! Considering the healthcare demand, affordable pricing, low startup cost, low overhead cost, One may anticipate a hefty profit margin of 20%30% of commission on each test done.

  3. How much profit does Dr Lal Path Labs franchise owner make?

    Ans: Dr Lal Pathlabs offers a profit sharing or commission based model to its franchisee owner. As per certain estimate, One can anticipate to earn around Rs. 1 lacs per month.

    Furthermore, the chain provides a 20% of commission to its unit holders.

  4. What are the requirement to become a Dr Lal Path Labs franchise?

    Ans: Below are the key requirements(Terms & Conditions) to become a Dr Lal Pathlabs franchise;
    * An office space of minimum 250-300 sq. ft with a washroom attached.
    * Franchisee must have at least have Medical experienced background.
    * One should be self-motivated Entrepreneur and must be ready to spend Rs. 3-4 lacs.

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