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Everything about “Theka Coffee Franchise” – Cost & Profit

Are you looking for a “Bhayankar Fresh” specialist coffee chain? Do you want to start an affordable cafe or cart based franchise and earn handsomely? Then, This article has been perfectly Curated for You!

Yes, You correctly read it. We have once again brought in another interesting and profitable coffee chain – Theka Coffee Franchise, which can help you to start your entrepreneurial journey with an Initial investment of ₹ 15lacs.

There is undoubtedly no exaggeration in the statement that India’s coffee market is growing at a rapid pace, and it would certainly bbased franchiseenefit its franchise owner in the future. Some of the key points are mentioned below;

  • 10th Fastest growing market for specialists coffee chains
  • 726 Crore of coffee consumed during the financial year 2022
  • Coffee consumption is rising exponentially in India
  • RTD(Ready-to-drink) coffee drinks market in India registered a positive compound annual growth of 13.80% during the period of 2015 to 2020.

In this article, we’ll explore Theka Coffee chain in depth, including its capital requirements, fees, and profit margin – and answer some frequently asked questions.

  • Brand Name: Theka Coffee
  • Founded: 2017
  • Industry: Cafe
  • Founder: Bhupinder Madan
  • No. of outlet: 2000+ by 2023
  • Area served: Limited Cities
  • Franchise Fee: ₹3-4 lacs
  • Royalty: NA
  • Profit Margin: 20-25%
  • Total Initial Investment: ₹ 15 lacs

Overview of Theka Coffee Franchise

Overview of Theka Coffee Franchise

Started in 2017 by Bhupinder Madan, Theka Coffee is one of India’s renowned specialty coffee chain that offers a varieties of freshly brewed cold coffees that made from high-quality beans sourced directly from farms.

With a mission to serve the most affordable freshly brewed coffee and offer a unique coffee experience in India has helped the chain to grow extensively throughout multiple cities. And Theka Coffee chain is certainly on track to have more than 2000 plus locations by 2023.

In 2021, Theka Coffee appeared on Shark Tank India, where the founders pitched their business to a panel of investors. But couldn’t manage to get any investment from any Shark. However, The show undoubtedly helped the chain to get the necessary fame and brought them back on track after the corona period.

We assure you that, after reading this complete article, you would be in a position to choose the BEST AVAILABLE CAFE FRANCHISE, and certainly help you take an informed decision on the Theka Coffee business.

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Theka Coffee – The Journey

Their humble beginning started with an initial investment of ₹ 3 lacs and a simple setup in a Cart to introduce a unique and quirky way to serve coffee in a beer bottle to be one of India’s renowned and most affordable freshly brewed coffee chains is undoubtedly inspiring.

Key facts about Theka Coffee

Sr No.TypePrivate
1Trade NameTheka Coffee
2IndustryCoffee & Cafe Chain
4Founders Or Parent CompanyBhupinder Madan
5Corporate HeadquartersAhmedabad
6Number of locationsWill be 2000+ by 2023
7Area servedLimited City
9Menu offeringFreshly brewed coffees
10RevenueApprox. ₹ 4.5 lacs/ month from Every outlet

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Theka Coffee USP

Being a rapidly growing chain and the most lovable brand requires a good USP for its long term operations and profitability. Nevertheless, we have highlighted a few prominent USP of Theka Coffee.

USP’s to Consumers

  • The chain offers 100% Arabica Beans to consumers.
  • Most Affordable Price in India
  • Freshly Brewed Coffee in 30 seconds
  • Out Of The Box Serving
  • No Waiting Time

USP’s to Business

  • High ROI
  • Scalability
  • Low Capex
  • Simple Operation
  • Multiple Sources of Income

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Why Choose a Theka Coffee Franchise?

Why choose a Theka Coffee Franchise

Considering the enormous growth in cafe industry, choosing a Coffee franchise may prove beneficial to its unit holders. But why choose a Theka Coffee over other available franchise may require a significant amount of research.

To ease it, we have highlighted a few major reasons to own it;

  1. Premium cold coffee range:
    • Theka coffee offers a freshly brewed cold coffee that is perfectly prepared with 100% arabica beans.
    • It helps the outlet holder to serve best-in-class coffee range and exceptional services to its customers.
  2. Backed by Global Brands:
    • The chain has phenomenal backing from global brands, such as Essar Group, Reliance Retail, Fleek, and ZFW Dark Stores.
  3. Flexible franchise model:
    • Theka coffee chain offers a flexible franchise model to its investors, allowing interested prospects to setup their franchise near their hometown.
    • One can start its franchise either with Cart or Outlet model.
  4. Technology Support:
    • The brand may help interested applicants to expand its outlet through Cloud Kitchen, Kiosks & Moveable Carts concept.
    • The chain striving to become a D2C(Direct-to-Consumer) brand by developing an in-house ERP and Mobile app.
  5. Target consumers:
    • As a franchise owner, you may leverage Theka coffee’s loyal customer base, which can help you in generating a consistent profit margin.
    • It chain certainly helps them to provide better marketing and training support to its unit holder.
  6. Robust expansion plan:
    • Theka coffee has proposed an ambitious plan to open and operate over 2000 plus carts or kiosks by 2023 that will undoubtedly allow new franchisee owner to grab their outlet near to their hometown.

There could be many more reasons to own it. However, we believe that above mentioned would help you in getting enough insight into the Theka coffee chain.

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How much does a Theka Coffee Franchise Cost?

Theka Coffee Franchise Cost

The franchise cost or Total Initial setup cost for Theka coffee will depend on your location, size, capability to own number of carts. In General, one can take up this franchise with a floor area of 150 sq feet or at least with single cart options.

Nonetheless, To become a Theka coffee franchise partner, one would at least require an initial investment of ₹ 15 lacs.

Theka Coffee Franchise Fee

The franchise fee for Theka coffee will be approximately ₹3 – 4 lacs + 18% GST. Furthermore, Interested applicants can take up a Unit or Master franchise of TC and expand their outlets in their location and earn handsomely.

Additional Cost for Theka coffee

Typically, to run and maintain a Theka coffee outlet, one must adhere to their standards and are liable to pay a few additional costs such as Royalty fee, advertisement fee, maintenance fee, and a few other investments.

However, there is some GOOD News for you. As a Franchise owner, you needn’t viable to pay any royalty to the franchise.

Type of FeeCost and Other Details
Franchise FeeApprox. ₹-3-4 lacs + GST
Royalty FeeNA
Floor AreaMin. 150 sq feet or at least 1 cart
Kitchen Equipment & Machinery₹ 5 lacs
IT Support & Online Platforms₹ 1 lacs
Interior decor₹ 5 lacs
Agreement PeriodNA
Total Initial Investment₹ 15 lacs

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Is Theka Coffee Franchise Profitable?

Is theka Coffee Franchise Profitable?

The profitability of Theka coffee chain or any other franchise may depend on several factors such as chosen model, city, average footfall at its outlet, and overall area development.

Moreover, considering the enormous growth in the cafe industry- Specifically freshly brewed premium coffee, low Investment and High ROI, extensive training support, best marketing strategy, exemplary customer service, and regular food innovation, One may anticipate a healthy gross profit margin of 35-40% or net profit margin of 20-25%.

Theka Coffee Franchise Profitability Explained

We will try to explain more about profitability with a simple example;

Assuming, if you have opened a kiosk or cart in a good area and based on the franchise’s estimate that every outlet makes ₹15000 sales per day.

So, below could be your profit structure;

Type of CostAmount
Average Monthly Sell₹ 4.5 lacs
Raw Material Cost (Max 40%)(₹ 1.8 lacs)
:Gross Profit: ₹ 2.7 lacs (60%)
Royalty FeeNA
Cart or Kiosk Expenses(Rent)(₹ 20,000)
Employee Expenses(₹ 30,000)
Electricity & Water Expenses(₹ 20,000)
Misc. Expenses(₹ 10,000)
:Net Profit₹ 1.9 lacs (42%)

Please note that profitability for Theka coffee chains may vary depending on location, expenses, season, customer footfall, and other emergency expenses, and it could range between 20-25%.

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What is the Support offered by Theka Coffee Franchise?

  • Site Search and Analysis
  • Standard Layout support from the company
  • Centralized billing systems
  • SMS and WhatsApp Marketing Support
  • Regular Food Innovations
  • Registration Support for Online Delivery Platforms
  • Quality checks and Complete Raw Material Support
  • Staff Training Support
  • Marketing & Sales grow up strategies and guidelines
  • All Hands Meetings to improvise the business
  • Location-specific promotions during the opening and planning of the launch

What are the requirements to Become a Theka coffee Outlet holder?

Some of their major Theka Coffee franchise requirements are listed below;

  • First and most important – One should have the required funding to own a Theka Coffee outlet, that is one should be ready to invest approximately ₹ 15 lacs.
  • Interested applicants should have a passion to work in the Cafe industry –  and should possess the necessary leadership and financial skills with a few years of experience in this industry.
  • Applicants should own/rent an outlet area for a minimum of 150 to 500 sq feet, preferably on the high street, city center, and near schools or universities.
  • One should be ready to take up this franchise with at least a single cart(Preferred 5 outlets).
  • Interested applicants are advised to dedicate themselves to the Theka coffee business and follow the company standards and maintain their legacy.
  • Interested applicants must undergo and complete the necessary training program offered by the franchise.

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How to Get a Theka Coffee franchise?

Becoming a Theka coffee outlet owner requires a minimal investment that offers an impressive gross profit margin. Nevertheless, the Theka coffee chain may provide several benefits, and interested candidates can take up franchise outlets in their city through their expertise and endless support systems.

One can avail this franchise using below mentioned steps;

  1. Visit their Franchise page – and fill in the details such as Name, Email Id, Phone Number, State, City, Prior experience, Investment capacity, and other necessary info.
Apply for Theka CoffeeFranchise Form

Once you submit the form, somebody from the franchise team will contact you within a week to discuss it further and ya it does take time.

Final Takeaway

Started in 2017 by Bhupinder MadanTheka coffee is one of India’s leading and rapidly growing premium coffee boutiques, offering a variety of freshly brewed coffee & cold beverages.

The franchise boasts over 300 plus franchise networks in eleven cities and more than 2000 outlets planned to release by 2023 will create tremendous opportunities for interested candidates to grab THIS deal in this ever-growing market.

However, considering the exponential rise in premium coffee demand, 100% fresh ingredients, low investment with high ROI, backing from global firms, extensive training, and market support aids an extra advantage for the new franchisee unit holder.

With an Initial investment of ₹ 15 lacs, Theka coffee chain may offer an outstanding profit margin to its stakeholders and one may anticipate an exceptional gross profit margin of 35-40 % and a net profit margin of 20-22%.

The Bottom line – In case you are interested in the Cafe industry and want to take advantage of the opportunity with a low investment, then you can start a Theka coffee outlet in India. With its immense legacy, expertise, and robust supply chain, one may experience stable and steady growth in their entrepreneurial journey.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and start your entrepreneurial journey with Theka Coffee!!

Good Luck!! Happy Franchising!!

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FAQ – Theka Coffee

  1. How much does it cost to Start a Theka Coffee Franchise?

    Ans: The total investment cost for Theka coffee may vary depending on the city, carpet area, and outlet’s geographical locations.
    Usually, the total investment for Theka coffee chain cost will be approximately ₹ 15 lacs.

  2. How much does a Theka Coffee franchise owner make?

    Ans: Considering the premium coffee demand, low investment, growth prospect, and immense franchise support, one may anticipate to make an earning of over Rs. 70k to 1 lacs per month.

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